Slytherin by day,Death Eater by night.

When Samie Smith's parents get sent to azkaban for being death eaters, she gets sent to live with her mom and dad's close friends,friends that Samie has never met before. Will things start to look up for poor Samie or will things go downhill from here???

Chapter 1

A new begining


Ugh, are you kidding me???? So what. My parents are in azkaban and i have to go live with someone ive never met before. This is just great. Well, at least this year I can finally go to Hogwarts. I just hope that i dont have to room with some filthy mudblood. That won't fly. I am a pureblood, and my parents taught me better than to befriend mudbloods and blood traitors. I havent gotten my Death Eaters mark yet , but im sure i will soon.
"ehhmm, Miss. Smith, we are here." the driver of the limo said.
"Finally,thank you." I said getting out. After I got out i rang the door bell and a house elf came and greeted me.
" Welcome, you must be Miss.Smith, I am Nacrissa." a woman said from behind me. The woman was very beautiful. She had blue eyes and blonde hair.
"Draco, our guest is here!" Nacrissa yelled up the stairs.
"Draco is my son." I believe he's about your age." Nacrissa said. Hmm.....I hope he's cute and not a tottal jerk.
"So, do you have all your school supplies?" Nacrissa asked.
"No mam, I'm afraid I don't but a little trip to diagon ally wouldn't hurt now would it?" I said smiling at her.
"No, it wouldn't , how about me, you, and Draco go shopping tomorrow? Does that sound okay?" She asked smiling.
" Of course!" I said grinning from ear to ear.
"Why don't you go get settled in , while ,Sophie and Jack,our house elfs deliver your things to your room." Nacrissa told me
"Sounds fantastic, but where is my room?" I said smiling at her appologetically.
"Oh, I'm sorry my dear, it's up the stairs and the 3rd door to your left." she said.
I climed up the stairs and opened the door to my room. I found a comfortable looking bed and beside it an alarm clock. The clock read 10:45 pm. I was so tired I plopped on the bed and fell asleep.

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