My own personal experiences (True stories)

These are parts of mine and Zaliana's life which are completely true. We chose to share these with you guys if you ever need advise. We're always here(:

Chapter 8

Zaliana, 9 years old

This is about the time my mother started beating me. This is also the reason why I'm always on the streets now. Yes She still beats me but I fight back.

Well I remember I was in my room listening to music at about 11:30 p.m. waiting for my mom to get home. She arrived about midnight, give or take a few minutes. I went down stairs and said "Mommy look what I drew for you!!" Then she slapped me. I didn't cry, I just fell to the floor in shock. "Mommy, what the hell?" she replied with "Phuck you Zaliana! You ruined my life! I phucking hate you!" That's what hit me. I broke down in tears because I had only my mom and my sister, no father because well you guys know what happened. "You're phucking drunk mom! What the phuck is wrong with you?!" my language was beautiful wasn't it? At the age of 9?(; she continued to beat me till she drew blood and I couldn't move. I think she got bored of it and decided to leave me alone. After that I got off of the floor and left. I don't quite remember where I went but I was outside in the cold, crying. I was far from my home. The next morning I went home, dreading to see my mother. I slipped in like a ninja and went to my sister's room. I hid under her bed. When my mom left for work I made myself some food. I called my aunt and told her what had happened. She stayed over that night and fought with my mom. My aunt slept in my room with me for a week. It made me feel better. But when she left things only got worse. It happens when she drinks, which is often. So I'm mostly with Alyssa or other friends, or at my cousin's house. I'm never home and I don't think my mom give a phuck. But it doesn't matter. It seems as if she only cares when I get hurt. Like really hurt. But any wayy I take care of myself now. She is just a distant memory. I hardly ever see her anymore. I don't really care.

But yes, I'm still a child of abuse. If any of you guys out there are abused, don't give up. You're not alone. And I'm always here to talk if you need a shoulder to cry on(:

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