My own personal experiences (True stories)

These are parts of mine and Zaliana's life which are completely true. We chose to share these with you guys if you ever need advise. We're always here(:

Chapter 7

Alyssa, 11 years old

Well this is the absolute peak of my crap life so far, in my opinion. It's the day i got shot in the leg. You may not believe me but if you don't, phuck you i don't wanna hear it.

Yes, i got shot. I got mixed up in that crap again. So it was late at night, most likely 11:30 p.m. I was walking on the wrong side of town AGAIN and there was a drive by. When i heard the shots i ducked and cursed. The heard me and shot my leg. I tried my absolute best not to cry. I shed a couple tears because getting shot hurts. I felt excruciating pain but at the same time, none at all. I know it sounds crazy as phuck but it did happen. Once again I was rushed to the hospital. They told me I'm God's miracle. Because I've been through all of this and I'm still alive. But I just think it's not my time to go yet. I got surgery on my leg But i am alright. I do track now and the fastest one there too(: So no permanent damage done.

Once again, if you don't believe our stories, phuck you, we don't care. They're 100% true. So uh, yeah(:

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