My own personal experiences (True stories)

These are parts of mine and Zaliana's life which are completely true. We chose to share these with you guys if you ever need advise. We're always here(:

Chapter 6

Zaliana, 8 years old

Won't give too much detail but if you guys message me asking for detail then I'll tell you. But for the sake of being polite, I won't.

Me and my mother were driving late at night from my aunt's house an hour away. It was about 10:30. I heard my mother curse and looked up. I screamed, as the car crashed into ours. I flew out the windshield. My leg was broken and I was cut up pretty damn bad. I didn't feel the pain. I crawled to my mom in the car, crying. I remember lots and lots of blood. My mom was conscience but barely audible. I got her cell phone and called the police. They came about a half hour later. They found me holding my mother's hand telling her to fight, to not leave me alone, to think about my sister and how sad she'd be if she had let go. My mom stayed strong. We are both healthy today. About a year later it happened again. But I wasn't in the car, my sister was. She was 6 at the time. My sister is okay but she has memory problems.

Once again, If you'd like to know details just message me and I'll let you know(: Oh and this isn't too long because I didn't mention all the details. They're pretty gruesome

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