My own personal experiences (True stories)

These are parts of mine and Zaliana's life which are completely true. We chose to share these with you guys if you ever need advise. We're always here(:

Chapter 3

Alyssa, 9 years old

Kay you guys read the story about my cousin. After he died, I became heavily addicted to drugs and alcohol at the age of nine. Don't judge, don't make assumptions, just please understand. I've been sober since I was 12. So four years.

Staying together was very hard for me after my cousin died, i was only 8. I fell apart for three years, but picked up the pieces and cleaned up a bit since then. I ran with my cousin's "wolf pack" which consisted of his friends and some of my other cousins. They were much older than me and didn't care to keep me away from things such as drugs like my cousin did. So I smoked. I have track marks. I have scars on my fingers from burn marks. At the age of 10 i realized i was anorexic, but that didn't stop me from doing drugs. My body was weaker so it couldn't take much. I was in and out of the hospital so much everyone knew my name. There was this one time when I was so close to death the doctors said I wouldn't make the night. But phuck that. Here I am. Alive. Healthy. Sober. I thought of my cousin. He would have told me to stay strong and to keep fighting. My mom told me to let go if it hurts too much. Hell yeah it hurt but I did it. After that I didn't stop the drinking or smoking. Not till i was 12 years old. I stopped then because my cousin died because of his excessive drug and alcohol use. I was like "Phuck, that was almost me. It can be me" so I worked on stopping it. I hung out with cousins my age instead of my older ones. The worst things they did were ding-dong ditch and prank calling. It was sorta fun. And I didn't have to feel high to enjoy time with my cousins. I was laughing at something that i remember and actually made sense. Not because the door knob looked pink or some stupid crap like that.

I did it. Sober for four phucking years. Anorexic. Weigh 82 lbs at the age of 16. And still phucking walking this earth. You're not alone if you have issues like this. You can stop it. If you are or you know some one with these problems, don't abandon them. They need you more than ever. Understand

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