My own personal experiences (True stories)

These are parts of mine and Zaliana's life which are completely true. We chose to share these with you guys if you ever need advise. We're always here(:

Chapter 1

Alyssa, 8 years old

In England when I was about 8 years old, I saw my cousin get shot. He always kept me out of trouble. His choices in life weren't too great but he made sure mine were. He took care of me. He always called me Baby Girl. He died at the age of 16. He would have been 24 now. Everything seemed to move in slow motion. 3 seconds felt like an hour to me. Even though it was 8 years ago, I remember it crystal clear.

We were walking through the "ghetto" because it was a short cut to his house. That night there was a drive by, he saw the car but he didn't seem too cautious about it. They saw him, rolled down the window, and pulled out a gun. I had never seen a gun before that so I was kind of curious of what it was.
"Just keep walking Baby Girl, don't look at them," he whispered, "Stay behind me." I did what he told me to. He turned his back and they shot him. 7 times. I screamed for help after they drove away. None came.
"Stay out of trouble Alyssa. And always remember that i love you Baby Girl," were his last words to me. I was crying my eyes out but I couldn't seem to find my voice. When I finally did I didn't know what to say. Not much came out of my mouth just sobs. I kissed him on his cheek and lied next to him, holding his hand. Someone came out of a house and said, "Don't worry love, the police are coming." I just stared at them with eyes of horror. I started sobbing again and they hugged me. I hugged back, not knowing what to do. I didn't wanna let go. I didn't wanna go home and leave my cousin there by himself. He wouldn't leave me. So I wouldn't leave him. They called my mom and she and my father came for me. They both were crying and hugging me tightly. They took me home and asked me to tell them what happened. So I did. Calmly I think. Without tears. They took me to a therapist a month later. I was declared clinically depressed at the age of 8 years old.

So yeah that happened when I was 8. And it only guess worse from here..

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