My new story (J.J.L.S) prt 3

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Chapter 1

i still love him?

Joe's pov
Dee took something out of her pocket, I realised it was her engagment ring box.
"You should have these back" She whispered, she was trying to keep her voice from breaking.
I opened the box and my heart sank when I saw her engagment ring and her wedding ring behind it.
I wanted her to keep them, they belonged to her!
"No, I want you to keep them" I said trying to put the box back in her hands, but she wouldn't take it.
She laughed once "Why should I keep something that clearly belongs to her""
"Dee I..." I tried to speak again but she cut in.
"I wish I'd never met you" She said through her teeth
That hurt, We were happy. Very happy before.... Well you know!!
And I do love Dee, I know she blames herself for what happened, which is rediculas. She has done nothing wrong. She's perfect. Sweet, Kind and beautiful.... I love her. what have I done?

Dee's pov
I turned and walked back to Nick ans I realised that if I'd never met Joe I wouldn't have met Nick or Kevin and Dani or the rest of his amazing family, and that would have been a shame because they were my family now too. I sat on the bench and though about every thing that has brought us here.

4 Years ago.

"Girls could you come here a minute" My Dad shouted up the stairs. I was in my room writing a song. My sister Chloe who was fourteen at the time dragged me off my bed and we headed for the door.
"So what do you think it is this time? the phonebill or the or the curfew we broke last night" she asked not exactly sounding bothered.
" I hope it's neither" I cringed, I really didnt want to get grounded again.
We walked down the stairs and were greeted by a smiling dad.
"Were dead" My sister whispered.
"No your not dead... why would you be dead? What did you do?" My dad asked, he knew us so well
"Nothing" we answered in unison.
"Ok then" My dad said not really soundin convinced. "Guess what, I have a surprize for you"
"What is it? my sister asked in a curious tone.
he held out two tickets "You guys are going to see the Jonas Brothers in concert at the 02"

Hope you guys like it! I going to continue withe flash backs for a while and i'm gonna stay with Dee's pov for the next couple of chapters


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