Everyone Hates Us {Gaara} But We Don't Hate Eachother {Sabaku}

Everyone Hates Us {Gaara} But We Don't Hate Eachother {Sabaku}

Emiko was never a normal girl. Like all the others from Suna, they looked at her as if she was an outsider. Some even feared her. Just because of what she had inside. Like her clan, she was tough. She had seen her mother kill her father and didn't even shed a tear. She was heartless. One day at the Ninja Academy she meets someone just like her. Sabaku no Gaara. They've been friends since then. Now Gaara is Kazakage. How does Emiko feel about her beloved best friend now? She doesn't know.

Chapter 11

Council Meeting

Anything in italics are flashbacks

The men who filled the room glanced at each other, uneasy, questioning their Kage's decision. "I don't think it was necessary bringing her here." One man replied, a leader of Suna's sensory ninja's, replied. His eyes threw a sharp glare in my direction as I resisted the urge to glare back.

"Emiko is my special advisor." Gaara defended. "I entrust her with my life."

The room then feel silent, and I set my hands on the table, eyes closing. "It's time to get down to business." My eyes fluttered open, narrowing at each and every one of the Shinobi who played small parts in everyday Suna. "Why have you called us?"

One man, who I knew as Masuno Tadao, stared at me curiously. This man, I knew him from my childhood. Yes, he was a former resident of the Mist. Back then he sold swords and weaponry illegally. Now he's here and at the top in Suna. I would never say it aloud, but I was glad someone like me was here. We were the same age, had the same background, we could've been mistaken as twins if someone got to know us.

He cleared his throat and nodded at me. "You're father, Emiko-San."

Though I was shocked, I kept the emotion on my face vague and closed my eyes. "My father is not up for discussion." I ordered.

"That isn't your decision!" Baki roared, standing up from his seat.

I glared at him, but before I could say anything, Gaara intervened. "He's right." I glanced at him. "This isn't your decision, Emiko." I bit my tongue. My fists clenched in anger, my knuckles turning white from such force. I could feel my eyes wavering from red to yellow. Gobi was getting irritated as well.

"Emiko-san," I recognized the voice as Tadoa's, but said nothing of it. He continued, "Your father had been watched for the past few months."

I let out a sigh. "I know that, Tadoa-san. Everywhere I turned I noticed the camera's," I looked back at him with a stony gaze, "and every one I encountered, I destroyed with one single blow." Tadoa’s brown eyes stared back at me. He snickered silently. Obviously he was enjoying this.

"Yes, it was fun watching you damage each and every surveillance camera that was implanted in the Nishikawa Compound." He mused.

I noticed how everyone was silent. It was slightly odd. Even Gaara would glance between me and Tadoa-san, wary of us both.

He then cleared his throat. "The one that you hadn't destroyed caught sight of a rouge ninja."

"Hm. What village?"

"Mist." My face fell, but Tadoa-san continued. "He was a part of the Akatsuki. Hoshigaki Kisame was his name."

"We believe your father was selling intel of you to him." Baki-sensei interrupted. "We saw Kisame give him 1400 yen."

I glanced between both men in silence. I would not believe them. My father wouldn't do such shady things, especially not behind my back. He would not sell me away like I was cheap merchandise to be bought.


Temari threw a sharp glare at me and readied her fan. "Lord Kazekage would never lie to a fellow Suna Shinobi." She defended.

"The Akatsuki want intel on you, Emiko!" Baki roared, standing up from his seat once more. "They want to harness the five tails."

I raised a brow. "The leaf gave you that information?" I questioned.

Baki's face faded over with shock. He took a step back from my intimidating stare. ". . . Yes. A messenger sent us this information after the Akatsuki attacked Konoha, in attempt of taking the nine tail's jinchuuriki with them."

I let out a sigh, but said nothing. "Then our only option is to keep Mr. Nishikawa under survaliance." I narrowed my eyes at Gaara. "Tadoa, I want you to spend as much time as you can around the Nishikawa Compound." Gaara grabbed the stack of documents before him. "You will pose as a teammate of Emiko." He threw a small smirk at me and nodded.

I sighed once more. "Still, if my father gets harmed in any of this", the shinobi's held their breath. "whoever is responsible shall die."

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