My new story (J.J.L.S) prt 2

Hi =D thx 4 all ur comment means alot and thanks for reading here's prt 2!

Love u

Chapter 1

she is beautiful!

Dee's pov
Joe looked hurt as he watched Nick and I walk out of the elevator, his jaw dopped as he saw us holding hands. Not that he should care what I do any more or who for that matter!
Though Nick and I were just good friends I know he got that impression.

Joe's pov
Dee looked amazing as always, her hair was cut up short like it said in her song "GoodBye (I know it's song by Kristina Debarge, but it fits with the story. I'll add the song later) which I know was directed at me. I was knocked back when I saw Nick holding her, I was jelouse, I had no right to be but I couldnt help it. I loved her but I wanted Camilla. I always had, which I know hurt Dee and I will never forgive my self for what I've done.
Nick and Dee walked out of the elevator holding hands and she looked saddened, It hurt to see her like this. I wanted to talk to her but I couldn get the chance too with camilla and Nick keepingus occpied. My lawyer came over and told us that itcould be a while as the court was backed for a couple of hours. I hoped I would get a chance to talk to her between now and then.

Dee's pov
My lawyer had told us that it would be a while. Something about the court beingbacked up, I wasn't really paying attention as couldnt stop Iooking at joe. After a little whila Nick got a phone call and went outside onto the balcony to take it. I started to walk towars Joe. I needed to talk to him

joe's pov
She started to walk towards me. Camilla was in conversation with my lawyer so she didn't notice I was gon.
I met her halfway at the elevator. Her eyes were puffy and red, but she still looked gorgeous.
Her breath hit my face, it smelled like roses and honey, sh had them in her tea every morning. My mouth watered as I remembered how she tasted, her lips, her tongue. Snap out of it Joe you love camilla. But s I looked at this beautiful Irish red head with creamy skin and breath taking brown eyes, I wondered. Do I really love Camilla? Was I mking the biggest mistake of my life?

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