A Very Darren Criss Love Story

A Very Darren Criss Love Story

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Chapter 2

You make me feel like I'm living a teenage dream.

For the first time in my life, I thanked the sweet heavens that I was a klutz. My body still felt the shadow of Darren's touch. I wish I could save that feeling forever. When Alison and I finally calmed ourselves, we noticed that the group started to form an untidy line. Unfortunately, since we were on the outside of the crowd, we got a nice spot right at the end of the line. This was going to be a long wait.

As we waited, we jammed out to Darren's music blaring out from the overhead speakers.

"Aww, this is my favorite one," I exclaimed as Don't You started to play. "I can't believe we are here," I added dreamily.

"Well i can't believe you bumped into Darren Criss and he caught you!"

I let out another giggle of agreement. I looked up toward the desk they had set up and saw Darren signing away at multiple things, taking pictures with anyone who asked, and being the complete sweetheart that he was. He somehow tried to communicate with every single person to make them feel special. I loved that about him. He was so down to earth and compassionate. A young girl around the age of 13 or so was crying tears of joy as she rounded the desk. Darren looked at her with the sweetest expression on his face. He said something to her, which made her smile and laugh. He gave her a big comforting hug and signed her Glee shirt.

"Aw, that is so adorable!" Me and Alison said at the same time. Yeah, we have that kind of friendship where we can almost predict what each other are thinking or feeling. We shared a laugh and then talked about random things to pass the time.

Miraculously, the line went pretty quickly and before we knew it, we were only people away from Darren. I got butterflies that I tried to shake away. I got out my camera. I had no idea what I was going to say. Knowing me, I'd probably just blank out or start rambling like an idiot. Oh well, let's see how this goes. Ali made her way up to the table. Darren exchanged a few kind words with her and finally it was my turn to go. Darren looked up at me with humor in his eyes.

"Ah, last but not least, it's the clumsy girl," he said while throwing his arms back theatrically.

I laughed. "Hey, it looks like your hand is fine!"

He chuckled softly. "Yes, luckily I didn't need stitches or anything. You would've had to pay the bill."

"Oh, really? Because it was actually your fault. You didn't have to catch me!" I said accusingly.

"Haha, true, true. What's your name?"

"Chloe," I answered back.

"Well hello Chloe, it's nice to formally meet you, I'm Darren," he told me with a grin.

I smiled back. "Yes, i know. It's nice to formally meet you, too....would you mind getting a picture?"

"Oh yeah, sure, no problem!"

I handed my camera over to Alison. Darren got up and made his way around the table. He put his arm around my waist and I followed suit.

"Cheese!" Ali sang.

I smiled as she snapped the picture.

"Thank you so much," I said to Darren.

"The pleasure was all mine," He said back as he turned to hug me.

I threw my arms around his neck and swooned as his hands rubbed again my back. He smelled like the sweetest of colognes. I wanted more then anything just to live in this moment for the rest of my life. Suprisingly, i felt him give me a quick peck on the side of my head. He is just too charming! We broke apart and my heart was overflowing with happiness.

"I hope you enjoy the concert, Chloe!" Ooh I love the way he says my name.

"Oh, I will!" I said back excitedly. I walked away from the desk in a dream-like state.

When we were far enough away from the desk, Alison freaked out.

"I am so jealous of you right now Chlo," she said with a fake resentment in her voice.

"Did that really just happened?" I asked, mostly to myself.

"You better believe that it did!"

There was a little downtime before the concert started in order to give Darren some time to prepare. We made our way into the area where he would be performing at. With our cunning ways, we were able to sneak up to the front row. What a perfect day! We looked at each other with anticipation and got ready for the best concert we would ever see!

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