A Very Darren Criss Love Story

A Very Darren Criss Love Story

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Chapter 1

That just makes me a dumb human, like you.

"Are you ready yet?????" Geez, she was really impatient.

"Almostttt," I sang across the hall.

"Well c'mon, you've been getting ready for almost 3 hours straight, I think it's time to go!"

I rolled my eyes at my best friend Alison's remark.

"I have to look perfect! I mean..it's not everyday that I get to meet a supermegafoxyawesomehot man!" I yelled back with a smile.

Today was going to be one of the most epic days of my entire life. I was going to a Darren Criss concert, my first one ever. Of course there was also going to be a meet and greet. I defintely wanted him to remember me. For the longest time, I've obsessed over Darren. Ever since he was a little StarKid. I knew I was being silly, crushing over a guy that I knew I would stand no chance with. But I couldn't help it...I mean, look at him! He is incredibly gorgeous and oh so talented. And I am just an aspiring actress waiting for her break...which will probably never come. I've attended endless amounts of auditions, where I've just been rejected. That makes me re-evaluate my whole stance on what I want to do. But I don't give up, because I love acting and performing. There is nothing else that I could see myself doing, but that. I'm Chloe Spencer. I'm 22 years old and I love dogs, beaches, and meeting new people. I live in an apartment in Los Angeles with my best friend (as mentioned before) Alison Brent. I was created in a small town near Philly, but my zeal for acting was high in demand, so I came out to college at ucla a few short years ago. There, I was opened up to a whole bunch of unique, confident people, which made me lose my self consciousness and made me accept my individuality. But anyway.....I was perfecting (or at least trying to) myself for this concert, making sure every curl was extra curly and all my makeup was put in its place.

I finally walked out of my room a couple minutes after the Alison rant and found her sprawled on the rug playing with my dog, Roxy.She looked up at me with joyful relief.

"Finally! The beauty queen is ready for the pageant."

Once again, I rolled my eyes at her snarky comment.

"Yeah yeah yeah, let's go."

"Oh, so now we're in a rush, Miss I-need-to-look-perfect," she said with a smile.

"Yes, yes we are. Now get your butt off the floor. We need to go meet my future husband!"

We both laughed and did a few last minute things and we were off! I am so excited!!!!

Outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=33259249

As we parked in a lot and walked around the corner of the block, we were immediately surrounded by an immense amount of Darren-crazed fans. We tried to creep up in line as much as we could. I searched the crowd for the curly headed man of my dreams, but he was nowhere to be found. The hype of the crowd was so energetic. If it's like this already, I wonder what it'll be like when we're actually inside.

When Alison and I finally got inside the building, there was a little more room to breathe. We seperated ourselves from the group to get some air.

"Whew!I am so glad that I'm claustrophobic," I said sarcastically.

As Alison laughed, an uproar began in the sea of people.

"Where is he?" I asked frantically.

I started to look everywhere and charged my way back into the crowd.

"Do you see him at all?" I turned to ask Ali.

I absentmindedly started walking backward.

"Nope, oh wait....Chloe, watch out!"

But it was too late. I, being my clumsy self, accidentally bumped into a figure behind me. I slowly started to topple over.

"Ooh, be careful," said an all too familiar voice.

I felt two arms catch my own.
Way to go, Chloe.

I turned back around to see those beautiful green-brown eyes and sincere smile.

"I am SO sorry, I am so clumsy and should've been paying attention to-"

"No, no, it's fine. Don't worry about it," Darren said hastily, cutting off my worried rambling. "You okay?"

"Yeah, I'm good. Are you okay?" I said with a chuckle.

He laughed. "Eh, I think....but I don't know. My hand feels a little broken," he said jokingly.

And with that, he waved quickly and continued through the crowd. I looked back toward Alison, who had a wondered look on her face. We burst out in laughter like little fangirls.

"Oh I am pretty sure that he will remember you now, Chlo."

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