My Song In Story Format (Tears Fall Down)

hey this is a song tht my friend wrote using some of my poems!!!

Chapter 1

Tears Fall Down

instrumental(20 secs.)

Tears Falling Down My Cheek
Whats happening to me?
I Used to be so strong
but lately i feel so weak.

All the stress brings me down
It gives me no choice,
I cant seem to speak my mind
just cant find my voice.

My life is So mixed up
i really dont know why,
i said i havent cut not that i havent tryed.

More cuts will end up on my wrist
thatd be something else id had to hide,
Besides the smile i used to have
wich is now hid behind.

My life is just so confusing,
i wish it would all end.
i wish there was a button for death,
so i could just hit send.

For some reason i dont fit in this place..
my head spins everytime i think about this,
i hate it. I just want to die, Just let me die
Dont cry youll be fine,Youll see, please dont cry
Just move on with your life!!

Guitar Solo(25 secs.)


The other side of me,
The person i pretend to be.
So you dont see my tears,
i fight with all my fears.

I cant show emotion
So i store it all inside.
But it Builds up....

3x I Break Down!!!! x3


I have to cut myself to let it all out,
the pills numb my pain
puts the stress all to the side
I feel beteer inside.....

I Breakdown!!!!


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