The boy from the woods

The boy from the woods

"The boy, I met from the woods. The boy, who saved my life. The boy, who showed me I can love again." Rima Toya had lost her true love 5 days ago. When the Level E that killed her lover is after her, she meets Night. A boy alone in the woods who is the cure to her broken heart.

Chapter 1


5 days ago, a Level E murdered Kaito Zealai. My fiancee'. Now that Level E is after me. I'm running throught the woods. "Help! Help me! Anybody?! Please!", I yelled out. He's chasing me. I was trying to dodge the trees, branches, & routes. But I fell in mud. I screamed. I tought to myself, "This is it. I'm gonna die. With the scream that wasn't heard." But a hand grabbed my arm & pulled me up. A stick was thrown at the Level E. He ran away. When I looked up, I saw a boy my age. "Are you o.k?", he asked. "Yes, thank you.", I answered. He took me to his home. It was a big abandoned cabin in the middle of the woods. I washed up. I walked into the living room where he was sitting. "Your hair is orange, I thought it was black?", he said. His hair was in his face. No wonder he couldn't tell. I looked down & saw scissors. "Do you want me to cut your hair?", I asked. "Sure.", he said. His black hair was long & tangly. I cut it to his ears. I cut his bangs so they could be styled too. "Your eyes are crimson. Are you a vampire?", I asked him.

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