Hit (A Justin Bieber Love Story)

Chapter 1

-Chapter 1 A weird new light -

I was peacefully sitting on the window seat of my parents summer cabin. Waiting for my sister to come back from the store, whilst watching the rain pour down the window and join at the bottom. The book i had begun reading lay almost forgotten at my feet with the bent because of its position. I couldn't believe how long i had been waiting for my sister Lola to get back from the store but it had been a while.

She had left almost an hour ago now, by looking at the time and the store was only 20 minuets away. She had taken our four wheeler which sat in the garage, only because when she left at dusk it was clear skies. Now it was pouring down with rain.

I was watching out of the window carefully and suddenly headlights appeared through the rain shining like a beckon in the cold night. I watched curiously as Lola left the four wheeler running in the drive as she ran up the stairs to the front door of the cabin this was five feet from where i now stood waiting anxiously.

As she came inside the wind followed her in then she thrust the door open with a bang and shouted 'Hayley! I need your help! I hit a pop star!!!!"

Wait what!??" I asked coming over to her soaked and shivering form. Placing my hands in front of her taking much note of her shocker, white face, her hair fallen from its pony tail and her eyes wide. I sighed "Breath and tell me slowly... what happened?" Even though I was the youngest I was also the smartest, well at least when it came to panicky situations.

She begun Ok! I was driving back home from the store. It had started raining and I couldn't see well being on a four-wheeler and all. Well he appeared out of nowhere! Like one minute I was driving down a clear road and the next he ran out in front of me and I hit him! I tried the brakes but I slid into him. He's knocked out and...." Her eyes widened and she gasped "I totally forgot!!! We need to bring him inside!!!"

"Wait You didn't think to take him to the hospital!?!?!?!?!" I asked following her closely outside into the rain, wondering if this was a good idea

No why should I? You're as good as any doctor." Lola scoffed. Sometimes I think there is something wrong with this child, i may be good but still.

Taking the stairs two at a time I almost slipped on the last step but catching myself I ran over to the four-wheeler Lola two steps behind me. The rain was coming down in sheets now and lightning cracked through the sky. On the head of the four-wheeler silhouetted in shadows was a body. I feel like such a murderer right now. Shouting over the rain I said "Get the feet and I'll get the head. We need to move him to the bathroom. He's soaked.Lola nodded and grabbed his feet. I couldn't believe i was touching a post star's head and i didn't even know who it was i couldn't make out his face because of the rain.

Lifting him was much harder than I thought; then again...I had most of the weight. Once back in the house we hauled him into the bathroom, which was thankfully a good size, and lay him down on the floor. "Lola, bring me some towels, first aid kit, dry guy clothes, and run warm water in the sink." Lola rolled her eyes but went to get me what I asked for. I shouted "Please and thank you!"

Looking down at the boy at my feet I knelt at his side finally looking at him. His dark auburn hair stuck to his head from either blood or rain I wasn't sure, he had a nice body from what I could tell through the soaked shirt, full lips, and a cute nose. Brushing back his hair gently my hand froze.... Justin Bieber... My sister ran over Justin Bieber!!! Oh my goodness!!!! No I'm not a fan but I can't believe she hit him with a four-wheeler!


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