Your Not My Type~ Falling For Someone Is Hard If He Doesnt Love You Back

Your Not My Type~ Falling For Someone Is Hard If He Doesnt Love You Back

So just to remind you guys this story is based on my life and the main characters are Christine,David,Claudette,Brandon,Amanda,Derek,Tiffany,Ivan,and Gilma
The character information is below i hope you guys enjoy
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For my Lovely Readers!

Chapter 1

Oh Great

I woke up from Tiffany snoring in her sleeping bag. "Tiff wake up we have to go to school." i said walking over to my closet to put on my clothes

She didn't wake up and moaned as i tapped her lightly on the shoulder. My phone beeped which indicated a message. I checked my phone and it was a text from David.

Are you ready? he asked i looked over at Tiffany which had bed hair. Um in a minute i wrote trying once again to wake her up. Once i did and she got ready we walked out my house and waited at the front door.

David came minutes later in his black mustang. We got in the car me sitting in the front passengers seat. "You live right next to me how come it took so long?" i asked. He placed his hand on his neck covering something.

I moved his hand away to see this huge hickey. He smirked and said " I was a little busy with Gilma." He started the car and we were on our way to the first day of our high school life.

We all met up in the cafeteria where Amanda,Claudette,Brandon,and Ivan were waiting for us. "Wheres Gilma?" I asked David. "Oh shes a little tired and might come late." He smirked as Ivan and Brandon gave him hi fives.

"Ewwww your so disgusting!" Tiffany said. I laughed and then we were sent to class. Me,David,and Brandon went to Math first period. We all sat in the back together. So far math was the most boringest class ever.

"So did you see Claudette?" David asked Brandon. "Yea she looked Hott!" Brandon said. I wonder if that was all guys thought about. "What about Amanda?" Brandon asked David. "Nah she was okay." David never really liked Amanda i wonder why she was the prettiest girl in school.

Class ended quickly and soon we were on our way out when accidentally i fell and David fell on top of me. He just kept staring at me. I coughed a little and he finally got off me. "Dude! What was that about?" Brandon asked. David didn't answer but kept walking.

It was lunch time and the guys sat at one table and the girls and i in another.
All we talked about was about guys and who was hot and not. I didn't talk so much and would look at the guys table.

Sometimes Ivan would smile at me,Brandon would wave and David he would just stare. Brandon and David came to our table a few minutes after and asked Claudette one question. "Would you go out with Ivan?" They yelled in sync.
"Sure!" she said.
One week later

"The cutest couples are Gilma and David and Claudette and Ivan!" Amanda yelled almost dropping my ice cream cone at lunch. Whatever i thought as Amanda wouldn't stop talking about the new guy in school Derek who happens to be my cousin. "Hes so cute!" She kept telling Tiffany who was paying attention to the way Ivan was hugging Claudette and sighed.

I felt bad for her she was in love with Ivan. "There,There" Amanda said patting Tiffany's back. "There's many guys out there."I said. She didn't even look at us and pretended we weren't there.

I knew how she felt i was in love with David and Gilma went out with him. There was nothing i could do i mean its my fault i go for the guys i could never ever get.
A few days later

I was on Facebook doing nothing so entirely bored out of my mind. Minutes later David logged in and inbox me.

Hey he said. Hi i wrote.
Well im not gonna write the entire conversation but i am gonna write what im gonna do after it.

I called Tiffany and she came over to my house. "Tiffany!" I yelled at her as she walked up to my front door. We stayed at the front porch. "What happen?" she asked concerned. "I told David i like him and he said he didn't like me!" i said a few tears coming down my cheek. "What why?" she asked. "Hes such a jerk i hate him!" i yelled crying on Tiffany's shoulder. "Um Christine?" She said lifting my head up.

"What?" i said sobbing a little. She pointed straight a head at David who was just standing there with his eyes wide open staring at me. Oh great.
I know its not that good but i hope you guys liked and tell me what you guys think

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