My new story (J.J.L.S) prt 4

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Chapter 1


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Dee's Pov
My sister screamed, hugged my dad and ran into the kitchen singing S,O,S at the top of her voice. I was a lot more subtle with my excitment.
"Thanks dad" I took the tickets and hugged him. I went to walk into the kitchen but he stoped me.
"Wait Danielle, Now I know you 19 and your responsible..."he was cut off by my sister giving a loud "HA" as if to say I wasn't rsponsible.
"Anyway he continued " Please keep Your siser out of trouble"
"I will dad, I promise"
"Thank you, and will be staying at the Juries Hotel, which is about a ten minute walk from th 02 arena"

It's usually about ten minutes to walk from the hotel to the arena, but with Chloe it was more like Two minutes. We waited for the doors to open in the pouring rain. Which thanks to my sister I had been doing since 8am that morning. My chlothes were completely soaked through. At 6:30 the doors opened and thousands of scraming fan girls encluding my sister dragging me with her fought to get to the front. My sister moved like a hurricane, clearing a path to the front. I had been to many concerts before like Greenday , My Chemical Romance, Scuzz Fest, Matallica. But none of these were as rough as this. Because when Joe, Nick and Kevin came on stage, all hell broke loose. People were being trampled left right and center. It started to calm down somewhat when they started to sing Turn Right, which was my fave Jobro song. Thats when it happened! my sister asked me to take some photos. As I was taking them I was pushed and the camera flew onto the stage right by Joe's feet. He had seen it happen so he knew the camera was mine. He picked up and brought it over. Our eyes locked, he smiled, My heart stopped beating. He handed me the camera. As I went to pull my hands away he grabbed my right hand and held it . And instead of singing the line "Hope to see you at the finish line" he sang "Hope to see you in my dreams tonight" I was breath taken. He smiled once more, kissed my hand and walked over to his brothers. leaving me trying to restart my heart.

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