Deceptions of an Immortal

Even in a world where mythical and supposedly non-existent creatures roam freely, danger lurks behind every darken corner, watching silently and waiting. Always waiting.
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Chapter 3

Last Time

by: Jacers__
She stood shivering below a large awning; her long, brown hair sticking to her face as the sky dumped its tears upon her. But she had a smile plastered on her face as she faced the store and slowly slipped inside. She turned her head slightly just as she entered and even I couldn't mistake the long, shiny scar that marks her jaw. But that was the last time I saw her. I swear.


"I know you're following me," Spark Liekos choked out as she stepped out from behind a large dumpster.

"Maybe I should be scared of you then," the already familiar voice mused curiously.

"What's your name?" Spark demanded, wrapping her arms around her slender body.

"Pathos. Dante Pathos," he muttered but he seemed surprised that he had even spoken at all.

"And why do you have a certain death wish?" Spark asked, continuing to throw questions at him.

"Reasons," Dante spat.

"Fine. I'm going now," Spark growled and as she walked away, she cast Dante a threatening glare. It was almost as if she was daring him to step closer.

"Don't you want to know who that young girl is?" Dante called after Spark and smirked when she stopped and slowly turned to face him.

"Maybe. But then again, why should I care about her or even you for that matter?" Spark hissed, her blond hair falling in little curls down her back as she stealthily moved closer and started circling Dante.

"Because you're you. I wasn't being stupid or arrogant back there. I know who you are and I know that because you come from the family of Liekos, you'll want to help anyone who needs it," Dante's smirk grew while Spark's blue eyes grew larger with hate and curiosity. "When you've been around for over a century, you learn a few things." He winked at her, and his smile almost caught her breath.


"Go away," Spark hissed again and walked away without looking back.


"Anima!" A deep voice yelled over the loud and sudden cracks of the fire that was devouring the old Victorian house.

"Go! Save yourself..Please!" Anima coughed, her lungs collapsing from the smoke she had inhaled.

"I can't leave you," The male voice sobbed but it grew faint as the smoke also filled up his lungs.

"Reeve, I love you but please go. The town will need you," Anima sputtered as she struggled to stand up and grab something, anything, solid.

"You need me. I love you Anima. Please, take my hand, we CAN make it out alive," Reeve said, his teeth clenched together as he tried to drag his lover away from the flickering flames.

"It's my time Reeve. Even you can't save me. Now go!" Anima whispered, tears falling down her dirty face. Her brown eyes were slowly losing their usual light and Reeve couldn't help but let out another sob.

"I love you."

And that was the last Anima Orfea heard before the darkness enveloped her completely.


"You've got to stop getting in so much trouble Arianna!" Her mother yelled as her daughter sulked in the back of the car.

"Look at your mother when she's talking to you," her dad said softly but Arianna's large green eyes never wavered from looking at her feet.

"I didn't start it," she muttered, and fiddled with her light brown hair, not paying attention to the world around her.

"Of course. You just punched that poor girl square in the nose because of what? She annoyed you?" Arianna's mother shouted and looked back at her only daughter.

"She was trying to-" Arianna stopped mid sentence when her father started to yell, "Look out!"


Somethings are meant to happen but the hurt doesn't always go away. Sometimes, the hurt follows individuals, causing havoc wherever they go.

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