Teenage Summer Romance

Teenage Summer Romance

Chapter 1

Start of Summer..

by: tkblondie
Its Summer.
Thank gosh its actually summer.
I have never been so excited to go on vacation in my life, i need this break.
Im heading towards the airpot as we speak.
In just 6 hours, I will arrive at my dads spare villa in Spain.

'FINALLY' i gasp, slamming my suitcase throught the villa door.
i rise my head, to take a first look at the villa.
My jaw litearly dropped.
There were marble floors streaming through into every room. All the rooms were huge, open spaced and they all had a lovley rose scent. There were wooden spiral stairs heading up onto the second/top floor.
There were 5 bed rooms up stairs all on-suite.
I never knew my dads place was this amazing!
im here for 2 weeks on my own, untill my bestfriend flys out. But hey, i dont mind, afterall i am 17!

One hour later, 1.pm, i am all unpacked and ready set for the beach.
as i leave the front door, all i have to do, to get to the beach, is walk down wodden stepps, and im on the sand already.
i see a great spot in the middle of the villa and the water. I lye down on my towel, put my hearphones in, music on full blast. "this is the life" i preech in the tune to the song.
The sun is blaring hot on my skin. i could feel my body catching a tan already.
The song 'te amo' comes on my ipod. its one of my favourite songs, so i start to singing along.
1 minuite later, the sun seems to have disapeard, i open my eyes. Standing there was a cute boy, laughing at me.
I take out my head phones and stand up.
"is something funny?' i said confused.
"well, i just happend to walk past and heard this screaching, i thought it was cats mateing or something, but then i saw you" the boy says laughing.
at this point i was majorley embarassed!
i picked up my towl and beachbag, and started to walk off.
"i didnt even catch your name?" shouts the boy.
"one day you will find out" i shouted back, discreteley smiling.

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