Calling all StarKid Fans!

Chapter 2

More info!

Alright... Here's what's currently going down.

The party will be on Saturday, July 16th, right here on Quibblo... I'll either post a question, or another chapter of this, or something like that. Exact time is not yet determined. It all depends on who RSVPs and when they get on, I guess.

We will be playing wrock the entire time. This will either be through WrockBox, or I'll announce the songs that people have said they want to listen to. About halfway through, I may decide to put on AVPM or AVPS.

Red Vines, Butterbeer, Fire Whiskey (for those over 21), and other refreshments will be "provided". If you want something added to the "table", let me know... I'm working on getting stuff together.

I need someone to be in charge of decorations. I'm thinking Danielle, if she's up to it. Anyone who wants to help, let me know, because I need to write the decorations down in detail, so the "party" is complete.

I'll be telling people about this before Wizarding Wendsday starts on Wendsday (duh). There are some MiMers who I think would enjoy this experience, too, so I'm gonna get the word out there.

If you want to dress up, feel free. Just be sure to tell everyone what you're wearing when you show up. :P

Alright... So, RSVP guys... Before Thursday, please.

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