Thoughts, Dreams and Other Random Things

SO! I've been having some trouble, writing wise.I have all the story lines and stuff in my head but can't seem to put them on paper, (well, digital paper.)
And I thought I would create a new 'story' to get out all the random thoughts in my head so I can actually focus. This will probs just be what I'm thinking about or a dream I had that could be fun to share :)
So, here we go.

Chapter 1

Lessons From Alice in Wonderland

I watched the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland and I felt that there were somethings to be learned from it.
Well, that and the fact the entire time I was watching it I couldn't help thinking, Wow, that Alice girl sure is silly..

-Never follow a rabbit with a pocket watch.
-Never follow a tunnel under a tree.
-If a walrus eats your oysters, it's acceptable to hit him with a hammer.
-Flowers are rude.
-Caterpillars are chain smokers.
-Do not eat or drink anything that says you should.
-Don't try to reason with the locals. You'll just get a headache.
-Never ask directions from a striped cat in a tree.
-Don't stand on the Mome Raths.
-Never say the C-A-T word when your having tea with the Mad Hatter.
-It's almost always your unbirthday.
-If you play croquet with the queen try not to get the pink bird/racquet.
-Don't piss off the Queen of Hearts, or you'll lose your head.

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