Tell Me What To Do About You..........(Jared Love Story)

Name: Bailee Brie Black
Nicknames: Bail, Lee, Brie, Brie-Brie, Cheek-Bones
Twin Brother: Jacob Black
Age: 16
Hair: Long Curly Brunette
Eyes: Chocolate Brown
Personality: Fun, Brave, Loves To Laugh, One Of The Guys, Can Go Insane At Times, Strong Physically And Emotionaly

Played By: Victoria Justice

This takes time after Eclipse but before Breaking Dawn

Chapter 3

A Day In Port Angeles

"Seth!,"said Jared. Seth just shut his mouth. "Ok I guess I won't get anything out of you guys,"I said looking foward and crossing my arms. "Awww did someone get mad?,"asked Paul poking me. "Paul stop it!,"I said. "Awww she is mad,"said Seth. "Guys leave her alone,"said Jared laughing. We were in Port Angeles by now. "Hey guys what is that?,"I asked pointing to a building that wasn't there before. "Oh that's the new laser tag place...they made it over a week ago,"said Paul. "Laser Tag huh,"I asked with a smile. "Oh it looks like we found what we are doing today,"said Seth smiling. Jared parked the car infront of the building and we got down. We entered the building laughing because Seth fell from the car as he was getting down. When we entered the song Not Meant To Be by Theory Of A Dead Man blasted through the building. "Alright,"said Paul with a smile. It was dark inside with a bunch of neaons colored lights here and there. "Welcome to Laser Tag World,"said the lady in the front desk. "Thank you,"I said. "Ok so there's only one rule and the rule is to have fun,"she said with a smile. I could see she hated her job. "Cool,"said Seth. "Now if you will please put this laser jackets on,"said the lady handing us some sort of jacket. We put it on and I felt as if I were a cop about to enter on a building that had a man with a gun. I picked up my my hair in a pony tail. "Ok so are you gonna play in pairs or each man for his own?,"asked the lady. We looked at eachother. "I'm with Cheek-Bones,"said Jared. "So I gues I'm stuck with you,"Paul told Seth. "Hey I'm not that bad,"said Seth. "Pairs,"I told the lady. "Ok just give me the number on you jacket so I activet them,"she said. "17,"said Seth. "18,"said Paul. "19,"I said. "20,"said Jared. "Ok thanks let me just activet them,"she said with a smile. She started to type things in the computer. "You are going down,"said Seth smiling. "Don't get your hopes up,"I told him. "Ok done,"said the lady as our jackets lit up. "Here are your laser guns,"said the lady handing us the guns. "Oh cool...we are the blue team,"I said smiling. "Ok so just enter those doors and you can beging,"said the lady with a smile. "Thanks,"we told her as we passed the doors. "Ok so we start now,"said Paul dragging Seth away with him. "Ok so Paul will be the hard one to take out....Seth not so much,"said Jared as we hid behind a wall. "I know...ok so do we spread out or stay together?,"I asked him. "We should stay together,"he said smiling while grabing my hand. "Great plan,"I replied blushing but smiling. I heard him chuckle. The song Moment 4 Life came on We started to walked hand in hand, when we heard someone coming our way. I turn and saw Seth coming our way. "Easy target...I'll take him,"said Jared. Jared jumped out and shot Seth. It hit Seth right on the chest. "Aww that's soo not fair,"whined Seth. "But this is,"said Paul shoting Jared from behind. "Now that is not fair,"said Jared. "Now,I just need Cheeck-bones....which is going to be easy,"said Paul. "Don't count her out,"said Jared sitting down next to Seth. "We'll see,"said Paul. I went to hide in a place I knew Paul will never I would. He was passing by and looked twards were I was hiding but didn't even come near. I knew it! When he left I went and followed him. He stopped but didn't turn. I jumped out. "Looking for me?,"I asked pointing my laser gun at him. He turned and pointed his at me. "Wooh,"I heard Seth say. I smiled at Paul. "So let's see who's better,"he said. He shot a laser at me,but I bend backwards, and it missed me by and inch. " did you do that?,"asked Seth. "Martial Arts helps a bit,"I said. "My turn,"I told Paul. I shot noy once but twice. I hit my target where I didn't expect it. The Laser hit him where no guy should ever be hit. "That was better than watching a movie,"said Jared. "Paul you are sooo lucky that was a laser and not someghing else,"said Seth. "Blue Team wins,"I said smiling. "Great job,"said Jared giving me a hug. I hugged him back. "Hey I told you we were gonna win,"I told him smiling. "Sure let's just leave,"said Paul anooyed. "Awww is someone mad?,"I asked annoying him like he annoyed me on the way over here. "Whatever let's just leave....and would you two just stop hugging,"said Paul. I looked at Jared,I had forgotton we were hugging. It just felt so right. "Why does it bother you?,"I asked not letting go of Jared. "No...but it will bother Jacob,"said Paul with an evil smile. Me and Jared let go of eachother as soon as Paul said Jacob's name. "You know you're gonna pay for that right,"said Jared. "Sure,"said Paul rolling his eyes and walking out of the room with Seth. Me and Jared followed them. We gave the lady back the stuff and went back outside. "Hey guys why don't we go watch a movie?,"I asked them pointing to the theater across the street. "Sure why not,"said Paul. We quickly crossed the street. "So what movie do you want to watch?,"Jared asked me. " about Charlie St. Cloud?,"I asked them. "Seriously?,"asked Paul looking at me. "Yes,"I said. They looked at eachother then at me. I just gave them one of my smile. "Okay,"said Paul. We bought the tickets and left inside. Everywhere was full,except for the seats of two. Seth and Paul sat together,so that left me and Jared.....To Be Continue

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