Tell Me What To Do About You..........(Jared Love Story)

Name: Bailee Brie Black
Nicknames: Bail, Lee, Brie, Brie-Brie, Cheek-Bones
Twin Brother: Jacob Black
Age: 16
Hair: Long Curly Brunette
Eyes: Chocolate Brown
Personality: Fun, Brave, Loves To Laugh, One Of The Guys, Can Go Insane At Times, Strong Physically And Emotionaly

Played By: Victoria Justice

This takes time after Eclipse but before Breaking Dawn

Chapter 2

It Means Nothing

~Bailee's POV~
When I saw Jared my heart wanted to explode. Looking into his beautiful brown eyes made me feel like I was floating. "Seriously Jared?,"asked Jake kinda mad while the others just laughed for some reason. "Now he is really gonna be her boyfriends,"joked Embry. I looked over at him and Jake saw punch him. "Hey no fighting,"said Sam. I just smiled. "Ah its so good to be home,"I said smiling. "Yeah it is,"said Jared. I looked at him again. He smiled down at me and I smiled at him. "Don't I get a hug?,"he asked. "Ofcourse you do,"I said hugging him. He hugged me back. "Too long of a hug,"said Jake pulling us aside. "Jared you do know we are gonna have to talk about what just happened,"said Jacob. Jared simply nodded. "What just happened?,"I asked. "Imprinting just happened,"said Sam. "And that is?,"I asked. "Oh no...Jake you told her everything about werewolfs but you didn't tell her about imprinting,"said Paul. "What is imprinting?,"I asked again. "Nothing,"said Jacob shaking a bit. "Jake calm down I just want to know what the freaking word means,"I said. "It means nothing,"he said through his teeth. I heard a verry loud noise which sounded like a super old truck. Then I heard a door close and a female's voice call out my brothers name. Jake calmed down instendly and went outside. "Ah Bella's here,"said Embry. I made a face. "And it looks like someone doesn't like her,"said Jared. "How can I when my brother has told me how much he has suffer for her,"I said. "She's got a point now I know I wouldn't like a girl that hurt Seth,"said Leah. " who is gona help me escape before they come inside?,"I asked. But it was too late the were already in the front door. "Ah Bella this is my sister Bailee,"said Jacob. "Its nice to meet you,"she said. I looked at her, I mean she is pretty but not as much as Jacob said she was. "Same here,"I said with a fake noticeble smile. I heard Paul snikering. Jacob shot me a warning glance. "So umm please excause us but me and Jared were on our way out,"I said coming up with the best lie. "Where!?,"asked Jacob. "The store,"I said. "Sure but take Seth and Paul with you...I don't want you two alone,"said Jacob. "Whatever,"I said as I grabbed Jared's hand and pass him and Bella without even a glance at Bella. "I don't think you're sister likes me,"I heard Bella tell him as soon as we got to the car. "You think right,"I whispered. "Wooh calm down Cheek-Bones,"said Paul coming next to me. "You're right Paul,"I said with a smile. "Ok let's go,"said Seth getting in the car. " know I'm gonna need my hand back to drive,"said Jared. I looked down and saw I was still holding his hand. "Oh sorry,"I said letting it go and blushing. "Nah its ok,"he said shoting me a perfect smile. I got in on the passenger side. "So how was New Jersey?,"asked Jared as he entered his car. "It was good....until I got home,"I said. "And why is that?,"asked Jared pulling out of Sam's driveway. "Problems,"I simply replied. "Ok,"he said. "So where are we going?,"I asked them. They all stayed thinking. "How about we go to Port Angeles and just see what we do,"said Seth. "Sounds like fun,"I said. "Ok let's just hope Jacob won't freak out when we aren't back in ten minutes,"said Paul. "Don't worry about him...I know how to handle him,"I said. I turned the radio on and the song Rolling In The Deep by Adele came up. I turned it up. "Ok so are you guys gonna tell me what imprinting means?,"I asked them. Seth and Paul looked at Jared. "Umm Jacob has the right to tell you when he wants,"said Jared. "But why Jacob?,"asked Seth. "Yeah I mean you're the one with the right to tell her,"said Paul. "And why you?,"I asked him. "Because he imprinted on-,"Seth started to but.....TBC?

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