Tell Me What To Do About You..........(Jared Love Story)

Name: Bailee Brie Black
Nicknames: Bail, Lee, Brie, Brie-Brie, Cheek-Bones
Twin Brother: Jacob Black
Age: 16
Hair: Long Curly Brunette
Eyes: Chocolate Brown
Personality: Fun, Brave, Loves To Laugh, One Of The Guys, Can Go Insane At Times, Strong Physically And Emotionaly

Played By: Victoria Justice

This takes time after Eclipse but before Breaking Dawn

Chapter 1

Going Back To La Push

I was on my way back home. When I was seven my parents got divorce after my dad had an accident and couldn't walk anymore. My dad stayed with Jacob while my mom stayed with me. I hated leaving my life, friends, brother and dad behind. I don't know why mom wanted me if was gonna treat me the way she did. My mom hated me because she said I reminded her so much of my dad. She used to beat me every chance she could. But I had enough, after last nights beating I ranned away. I called Jacob and explained what had happen and that I wanted to come home. He said that dad and him will be more than glad to have me back. After the call I got on the first plane out of New Jersey and to Washington. Now here I am, less than an hour away from home. I smiled at the thought of seeing everybody again. Jacob, dad, Embry, Quil, Seth, Leah, Sam, Collin, Brady, Emily, Paul, and Jared. I have ben waiting for this moment since the moment I left La Push. I miss them all, we were one large freaky family. Not to mention all the guys and Leah are wolfs. I'm not one but I do have some advantage. I have more than a perfect eye sight, my strength, my speed, and my hearing. I wished I would have been a wolf but hey everything happens for a reason. "Ladies and gentleman please fasten your seatbelt we are about to land in Port Angeles,"annouced the pilot bringing back from my thoughts. My seatbealt was already fasten, I had always hating flying. We had a save smooth landing. I quickly grabbed my bag and quickly got off. I started to look for Jacob as soon as I got off. "Bailee?,"I heard someone ask from behind me. I turn to see Jacob. "Jacob!,"I exclaimed hugging him thight. "Bail,"he said hugging me back. Tears of joy started coming out. I hugged him thighter I just couldn't believe I was seeing my brother again. We let go of eachother and we both cleaned our tears away. "Jake what happened to you!? got buff and taller,"I said laughing. "Its something the wolf gene does to you,"he replied smiling. "Omg Jake I've missed you soo much,"I said hugging him again. He hugged me too. "Me either cheek-bones,"he said. "Ah.....I've missed that nickname,"I replied smiling and letting go of him. "And I see you still have them,"he said touching both of my cheekbones which were noticeble but in a cute way. "Yeah...where's dad?,"I asked looking around. "He stayed at home and we have to go because he said he wanted me to take you home as soon as you got down,"he replied. "Sure...let's just get my luggage and then we could leave,"I said. We got my luggage and left. On the way to La Push we were catching up. Sam and Emily had gotton married and Emily was now 6 months pregnate of twins. I was soo happy for them. "And how is my boyfriend?,"I asked him. When we were small everybody always said Jared was my boyfriend because we were always together. "Jared is good,"said Jake laughing. "Ok we are here...welcome home Bail,"he said as soon as he parked infront of our house. I quickly got down and went for my laggage. "Go ahead and go inside I'll get your luggage down,"said Jake. "Thanks,"I replied smiling and running inside. "Dad!,"I screamed. As soon as I screamed it my dad came rolling from the kitchen. I ranned and hugged him. "Daddy!,"I said crying. "My baby girl is back,"he said grabbing my face like he couldn't believe it. "Yes daddy I'm back, and I'm here to stay,"I replied smiling through my tears. He hugged thight and I hugged him back. "Awww that's sweet,"said Jake coming in with all of my luggage. "Yes it is,"said my dad smiling wipping away his tears. "Ok ok no more crying,"said Jake. "You're right,"I said laughing and wipping my tears away. "Come on I'll show you your room,"said Jake. I gave my dad one last hug and followed Jake to the back of the house. They were three doors. "Ok so the left one is my room the middle one is dad's and the right one is yours,"he said opening my door. My room walls were purple with pink zebra style. My bed was black with pink zebra style. Everything was zebra style and pink black and purple. "You guys did a nice job,"I said entering the room. "Oh should you thank Emily Leah and Bella,"said Jake putting down my luggage. "Ah Bella,"I said. Jake had told me everything about her. "Don't start Brie,"he said. "Don't start what?,"I asked innocently. "I see your face and I know that face,"he said. I simply shrugged. "I don't know what you're talking about,"I said. "Just promisse me you won't hurt her,"said Jake. "Fine,"I said raising both of my hand and groaning. " come on the guys and girls are dying to see you,"he said grabbing my hand and pulling me out of the house. We walked to Sam's house. When we entered I was behind Jake so no one could literly see me. "Where's Bail?,"I heard someone said. I recognized the voice, it was Embry. "She didn't come she decided to stay,"said Jake. "Wow Jake you suck at lying,"I said laughing stepping out from behind me. "Cheek-Bones!!,"I heard everybody said and then I was stuck between everybody. They decided to give me a group hug. I started to laugh. "I can't breath!,"I said after a while. They all let go and I got a better look at them and they got a better look of me. I went from left to right. So I saw Collin, Brady, Seth, Leah, Embry, Quil, Paul, Sam and Emily. "Hey where's Jared?,"I asked. "Ah you want to see your boyfriend,"said Embry. "Ofcourse I where is he?,"I said smiling. "If you want to see him then turn around,"I heard Jared say from behind me. I excidetly turned around and saw Jared. My heart started to race and time stopped,he was handsome!

~Jared' POV~
I went to the store to grab a few things Emily wanted. Today is the day Bailee returns. God had I missed her. She used to be my best friend, or my girlfriend like everybody else would say. Anyways, now I was back at the house and I heard a lot of commotion inside. They must be here! I quickly ranned inside. "Ah you wannt to see your boyfriend,"said Quil. "Ofcourse I where is he,"she asked. I could hear her smiled as she talked. "If you want to see then turn around,"I sayed smiling. She quickly turned around and man had she changed. She is beautiful, and I felt all kinds of emotions going through me. Time stopped and some sort of gravity was making her the only thing my eyes could see. I felt as a blind man seeing the sun for the first time...wait did I just imprint?.......TBC?

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