Magic Us! (A Ron Weasley Love story)

This is all about a you and Ron Weasley, You can mentally change the name if you want but right now your name is: Haidyn. Enjoy plz comment and rate so I can make more chapters!!! ALSO check out my other stories and quizzes, and the story:" My Life?Normal?What a joke!" will get better true chapters I promise.

Chapter 1

Why can't he get were over?

I am running as fast as I can through an Alley. I can here him slowly catching up to me. Suddenly he uses a spell to make him caught up to me. " Haidyn, we need to talk" Draco tells you, he now has a hold on your arm. " I don't want to talk, Draco, it's over, you lied to me and cheated on me, I don't want to see you ever again." you try to run forward but he grabbed you harder. As he does you look back at him, his face was pale and he had that bleach blonde hair, and those sparkling eyes, the same hair and eyes you once fell in love with. " Draco let go" you scream, hoping someone could hear you. You kick him in the shins. He whinces a bit then grabs your other wrist and pulls you close to him. "you better behave, because if you hadn't noticed, it's just me and you along in an alley, with no one to here you scream." His face hardens as he says that. You suddenly feel afraid. Suddenly he grabs the back of your neck and kisses you, you try to pull away but he's to strong. He pulls away, smirking. You feel angrier than ever. " I hate you so much Draco Malfoy, I wish we had never met" you scream. He looks slightly hurt but not that much. Then you added something that you wished you didn't "Also I am sooooo glad I didn't have to stay at your house that one night, with you and me and your stupid, death eating, voldemort following, screweD up parents." He suddenly looked extremely angry. He pushed to the ground, still holding you wrists. He put a spell on you so it was like you were chained to the ground. He kisses you again. You scream, then he trails his hand down your chest to the bottom of your shirt and starts lifting it. You scram as hard as you can. Suddenly you feel like the spell has lifted and you push him off with all of your might, grab your wand, and stand up. He does too and again grabs you but this time the second he touches your wrist "STUPIEFY" you here someone yell. Draco is shot backwards. You look behind you to see your rescuer and out of a shadow steps a tall, blue eyed, red haired, amazingly hot guy. You run into his arms " thank you so much,!" you say. "no problem, are you alright? He asks with a concerned look. You suddenly burst into tears. He puts his arms around you again. "If you-- didn't sob c-come he would have....)" you voice trailed off. " Its going to be ok now" he says assuringly. By now you notice that his arms are quite muscular. You look up at him again. " thank you soooooooooo much, im Haidyn" you say. " nice to meet you, I'm Ron" he says back. You shake hands. "Come on, let's take you to my brothers joke shop, maybe you'll be cheered up there" you go with him, you really like this Ron, and you really hope he is in your near and far future

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