my new story (J.J.L.S)

i hope you guys enjoy!! Please go easy on me it's my first part. Thanks
By the way I have decided to name the series "A Change Of Heart"


Chapter 1

is this really hapening! :'(

Dee's pov
I cant believe this Is happening.
I was getting Divorced.
I was divorcing Joe, my heart was pounding.
Nick and I we walked to the elevator, he shouldnt be doing this Jo is his brother. He should be with him, But Nick was angry with joe and said that I needed him more.
"Hey are you ok" Nick asked concerned . I must have stopped breathing again it happened every time I thought of joe. I loved him so much, this was killing me.
"I'm fine Nick. Really stop worrying". He has been such a comfort to me these last few weeks and we had gotten really close.I dont know what I would have done without him. You see I was happily married to Joe for three years until he cheated on me with his ex Camilla Bell. The doors of the elevator opened and I felt really depressed. Nick took my hand, I was shocked at first but I relaxed and entertwined our fingers. He smiled and I leaned into him, putting my head on his chest. As I did I thought about Joe. Knowing he was with Camilla made me sick. The doors opened and we walked in, the second the doors were closed he pulled me into a hug,I could feel the muscles in his arms as he squeesed them around me.I buried my head in the crook of his neck, I felt his dog tag on my skin as it was laying on his shirt, I guess he forgot to put it in side.
"Ya Honey" he brushed my hair out of my face.
"Will you sing for me"
"Anything for you" he chuckled
He started to sing Hello Beautiful, And I couldnt help but want to cry whe he sang Joe's parts. I closed my eyes, this elevator ride was long.
He stopped singing as the doors opened and held me tighter. I opened my eyes and saw why. We had arrived at the top floor, the doors were open, and Joe was staring at us. And he looked hurt.

Sorry it's so short,and i know it was boring. I'll upload another one later, it was my first so please go easy on me. please rate and coment.


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