Just Read It lol

Chapter 1

I love you all.

Happy New Year to all of my friends whom are very close to my heart. May this year bring joy in all of your life & fill your life with happiness. My friends whom i talk to everyday you guys ROCK & those whom i talk once in a month or never did i know you guys are still special to me. My readers (i know i dissappointed all of you by not posting any stories but it's my promise & new year resolution) i'll post my story soon after my exams (which will be done after 10 of jan i am so sorry) & will start a new story.
I am EXTREMELY SORRY for every wrong doing or if i had broken someone's heart, i truly am please forgive me. I promise i won't ever hurt you again never & promise to not do anything like this crap again.
i HUMBLY THANK YOU to all of my friends whom were with me the bad times & in the good times as well, to all people who think i write good well it's my honor & those who think i still need more improvement (which i really really do) they know me very well & in later life whatever i'll be writing it'll be good due to those people.
Michael this year i promise i'll help people as much as i can & will search about you said to all of us. God i'll promise this year i try to be a good girl & i sure hope i won't do or make any mistakes that would hurt people near me or very close to me.
I love you Michael more & more & more. You are always here for me & i know you always will. hugs Michael i love you baby (just to make SOME girls JEALOUS lol)
Okay now i guess i've said enough. You guys must be bored now as well. Once more love you all MUAH


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