Story written with Nubilis. She is an AMAZING writer so check out her stuff... just sayin'...

Chapter 1

Characters and basic plot

plot: 5 kids get stranded on an island because of a school trip went wrong. They all hate each other. Will it be a survival of the fittest or will they be able to work together to survive.


Name: Nell Reynolds
Age: 16
Personality: bubbly, thoughtful, musical, smart, logical
Looks: short auburn hair, hazel eyes, pale complexion
Gender: Female
Other: loves Science

Name: Lindsey Greenfield
Age: 17
Personality: English geek (but no poetry) pretty much skates through with straight A's, kind of acts like a drunken prom date 24/7 (or so I'm told), really happy most of the time
Looks: long wavy strawberry blonde hair, green eyes with long eyelashes, average high (like 5' 10"), normal weight
Gender: female
Other: wants to be an author or an editor or go to school for some kind of musical thing

Name: Shae Hadley.
Age: 17
Personality: Sharp, usually keeps to herself, loner, loves to read, not very social.
Looks: Short, short black hair (Straight, chin length, but thick) sharp nose, grey eyes, creamy skin though tans fast in the sun. Slim.
Gender: Female.
Other: Has fits when the word "normal" is mentioned (Especially referring to her) and is great at discussing politics.

Name: Todd Harmison
Age: 17 (junior)
Personality: sweet, quiet, not smart but not dumb
Looks: short (almost buzzed) brownish blonde hair, brown eyes, about six feet tall, light but with a little muscle (not macho or anything)
Gender: male
Other: he’s a linebacker on the football team; he's the golden boy, homecoming king, met Lindsey when she tutored him (he had to bring up his grades for sports)

Name: Luce Cambridge
Age: 18
Personality: sensitive and shy. No one talks to him since he talks to no one.
Looks: dark blue eyes, tan skin, light brown short hair.
Gender: Male
Other: He was in the boy scouts when he was small, so he knows some survival tips.

Note: there will be a couple of relationships involved in this story later on.

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