Yes! Hello! Hi!

Chapter 1


Okay. I'm unable to get on Quibblo as much as I can now.

Right now, I'm getting ready to move to Japan. I'll be moving till Feb.

My dad doesn't know I have a Quibblo account, so I can't be on whenever he's around. The movers had taken the only computer I can use for myself. Right now, I using my mom's laptop. She has 2, but one doesn't have internet. She'll try to get that fix.

Also. I'm sorry I won't be able to respond to any messages. Very upsetting to me.

I was really planning, to start my New Year, to read all stories that comes my way. And I mean all of your stories. Even if it takes me years to get it into my brain! I made a "Story Review" where I comment on everyone's story, hoping others would read the comments and go like, "Hey. So-and-so's story is amazing! I should read it!". I'm helping you guys to get more views on them! But if I don't get a chance to read or even post the "Story Reviews", I'm sorry. I'm not neglecting you or your stories. I would be very proud if I read them and start them off as my New Year's Resolution!

I don't mind if you guys send me messages by mistake it's okay. However some will be deleted, unless it's a story, that stays with me.

Little input, I'm no longer part of the rebel. Too confuse.

That's all I have to say, for now. Probably to the end of January, I won't be on for 2 months. Sad face

-Thanks for reading.


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