The Forest Spirits

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Chapter 1

Shadow Wolf

I scented two men walking here. I sniffed the air and bared my teeth. They had guns with them. I ran quickly in their direction until I knew they were very close. When I spotted them through the trees, I picked a bush to hide in so I could wait for just the right moment to attack.
"Do you think he can hear us?" asked the man. He was young, looking only in his mid-twenties and had big blue eyes. He looked alert and nervous.
The young man's companion was much older, about 60 or so. He heaved a sigh as he saw the younger man anxiously looking this way and that. "Calm down son. I have no idea why you are on edge so much but there is nothing to worry about."
"The Shadow Wolf's around though, haven't you heard? He attacks anybody that comes in the forest," the young man cried. "Maybe we should leave..."
"Nonsense! There is no such thing as a 'Shadow Wolf' anyhow, Aren't you too old to believe in mythical creatures?" the older man questioned.
"The Shadow Wolf is not nonsense. My buddies say they saw the Shadow Wolf. Sightings of that wolf have been happening a lot since last week. The Shadow Wolf hides in the shadows, just waiting to kill you. He especially hate hunters the word is," the younger man explained.
The older man just rolled his eyes. "You youngsters drink too much," he muttered and looked around for any game to shoot. He came close to the bush where I had been hiding.
"You would be wise to listen to your friend sir," I thought to myself. "It's true I don't like humans here, especially hunters."
The older man took a step closer to me. Of course he didn't see me yet, nor could I see him but I could sense him. I could also sense he wished to harm my forest and kind like that must not be allowed to enter here.
The man's back was turned from the bush. It was the perfect time! I sprang up into the air pushing off my powerful hind legs. I landed on the older man's back and he yelled out. He dropped his gun and spun around, trying to get me off me. I clutched his shirt with my teeth and his attempts to try to get off by hitting me were useless. I used to enduring pain and his blows were nothing compared to say the blows of a wild bear I came across in my training.
The younger man's eyes grew wide. "The Shadow Wolf!" he cried. He raised his gun at me, his hands shaking as he held the gun.
"Look's like he wants a turn with me too," I thought. "I'd be happy to play."
I jumped off the older man's back. I kicked him as I leaped off which set him falling to the ground. I turned to the younger man who was shaking all over now. He shot five sloppy shots at me. I easily dodged them and charged into his legs. The younger man fell to the ground. He screamed when I grabbed the gun from his hands. I then tossed the horrid weapon into the trees. I looked back down at the younger man. He covered his face with his hands and was crying.
"Oh brother, it's not like I bit you."
I stepped off him. He scurried to his feet and ran to the older man. The older man was already up with his gun in his hand. The older man began to raise his gun at me but I sped off into the trees before he could have the chance of firing.
I then heard the men take off running the opposite direction. They were not a problem anymore. I wagged my tail, another job done. Also I learned that there was talk of me in the town which is wonderful. People now may be too afraid to even try coming into the forest.
I quickly sniffed around the forest for anymore people. There were no signs of any others so I supposed my job would be done for the day. I headed off to the river to relax for awhile. Ever a Forest Spirit needs to take a break every now and then.
I laid by the river and slowly shut my eyes. My mind began to trail off to the day I first started my journey as a Forest Spirit, all those many years ago....

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