Why me? (A re-make of An Edward Cullen Love Story)

This is a re-make of the other story. This one is going to be told in first person this time.
So, the first chapter is going to be backround info, and then the 2nd is going to be the the start of the story.

Chapter 1


Name- Lena Marie Ryder
Age- 17
Likes- Reading/Writing Books, watching TV, going on the computer.
Dislikes- Being mean, hurting others, cafeteria food.
About her- She likes to stay to herself. She is very mysterious. She was born and raised to be nice to others and accept their differences and look at what they are good at.
History- She was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. He mother died when she was 13 of a heart attack. She has lived with her father ever since, who doesn't really understand her. She has ADHD, which causes her to stay to herself because she loses focus very easily. She has been overcoming it, and it is almost gone.
Favorite Color- Varies everyday.
What is she like? Tomboy or Girly-girl?- Tomboy, she loves playing rough. (She can't stand snobby, rich girls who think they are all "that").

Looks- Looks at Picture

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