Everybody Please Read This

Alright I feel like such a copier but the people I know that made these are right....Please read if you want to stay my friend

Chapter 1

Please Read?

by: Together_
Alright I've been reading alot of these stories of people deleting off friends because of one reason, they don't talk. Well that's what I'm gonna do so if your reading this keep reading.

Now c'mon, I know there is alot of awesome people out there that I don't talk to, that I probably would wanna talk to. I'm done just being a number to your friend list. Don't add me because you want to get 1000 friends. Add me because you actually wanna talk to me, and get to know me, or wanna read my stories, and comment.

I'm not being harsh it's just I have many friends and I get many messsages, (if you don't believe me ask Fantasy_Fighter or Pheo she helped me clear out my inbox of a 1000 messages, thanks again Pheo.) Believe me I wanna read all your ahmazing' stories but I can't get to everyone's, because if I did I'd be pretty behind.

So if your a person that actually wants to talk to me, reads my stories and comments, then please comment on this or send me a message. :) Also do not worry if your on my top friends, I actually have a good coversation with you, if I read and comment on your stories, and you read and comment on mine.

And if you think I'm just deleting you guys off because I don't like you, your wrong, honestly I love you all and would like to be your friend but I just don't wanna be a number anymore.

So if you even read this thank you, comment or send me a message on why you wanna keep me on your friends list. And to those of my friends that deleted this and wanna keep clogging up my inbox, well I guess Goodbye. Sorry really truly sorry.



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