Lost Without You

sooooooo i thought of this and yeaah here it iss (: not a justin bieber OR a christian beadles love story. no celebsss(: (:
main character: Charlotte Brown(goes by charlie) hehe charlie brown LOL
looks: like meeee and my freckles! (:
personality: nice, bubbly, fun, crazayyyy and everything about my personality!(;

bestestestestestestest friend of charlie (:
nameee: Audrey Mason
looks: blonde hair, blue eyes, freckles(:
personality: kinda like mee. my twin! and my bestfriend (:

Chapter 1

Partaaayyy ;D

by: chanelkay
December 31, 2011. The day before the year that everyone said the world would end. Doubt it. Im seriously gonna stay up on December 21, 2012 until midnight and then be the first one to laugh so hard and say,"THE WORLD DIDNT END!" God has a plan. And I plan to follow that plan.

Tonight, I had to get ready to go to a party for the new year. All day, I have been in my pajamas reading and being lazy-the best feeling in the world. When 5 pm rolled by, I had to get up and get ready for the "party of the year" since it was the last day of the year. I got up slowly and looked at my self in the mirror. Blonde/golden hair all over the place and my shining bronze eyes glimmering in the light. I looked absolutely dazed, but I did get to lay around all day because my parents were out of town, abandoning me to spend the new year all alone-but really I wasnt going to waste the last night of my 2011 year all alone watching the fireworks on the Channel 8 news. I quickly took a shower to get all cleaned up(obviously). I got dressed into a tank top and shorts just to figure out what I was wearing that night. I grabbed the invitation to Taylor's party and looked at the dress code. Girls had to wear a party/cocktail dress and guys had to wear nice jeans and a nice top. I studied my closet in search for the perfect outfit to wear. I finally picked out this: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=41636283 (this seriously took me like an hour so look at it (;) As I zipped up my dress, I put on my makeup and curled my long hair. I put on all my jewelry and put on my red nerdy glasses! (aaaaaah im obsessedd with theseeee! :D) I smiled because, honestly, I looked really good.
"I-I-I-I can make your bedrock" my phone sang out. I jumped and ran to my phone, thankful my parents were gone because I had accidently bought the bedrock ringtone instead of the real song on iTunes. I had always joked around with my friends if it went off in the middle of the class I have with my crush Luke. I laughed to myself and answered the phone. "Hellooo?" "Dude, I've been ringing your doorbell like a gazillion times. ANSWER THE DOOR!" "Kaaaaaaaay byeeee!" I ran down the stairs to greet my bestestestestest friend, Audrey. She was wearing a peach ruffle spaghetti strap shirt and a black tight skirt. Her hair was curled and she was wearing black heels. (just describing it this time because that was WAY too hard last time lol). "FINALLYYYY!" I laughed along with her and gave her a hug. She walked inside my door and went straight to the mirror. I followed her and we both looked in the mirror. After checking how we looked, ourselves, we looked at each other and checked out how we both looked. "Girllllll...you look HOT!" Audrey said. I laughed and said,"Well...daaaanggg you look stunninggg!" We both smiled and walked out the door. Audrey's date was Liam-tall, brown hair, brown eyes, player; he was a cutie. I, myself, didnt have a date. No one really asked me to go and Luke had a date-his drop dead gorgeous girlfriend- so..yeah. I was good without one. We got into Audrey's red mustang convertible and we zoomed down the highway to Taylor's Hollywood mansion. The place was already blaring music and people spilled out of the house at every corner. Audrey and I smiled at each other and got out of the car. Eyes immediately turned to us as we strolled into the house. Even though I've never been in one, this looked like a club with strobe lights going and black lights hung everywhere. It was around 8 pm and everyone was dancing and trying to talk over the loud music. I spotted Taylor and she was wearing a strapless silver sparkly dress with guys all around her talking. Figures.. I thought. I rolled my eyes and looked around the crowd. I saw Luke and his girlfriend talking..and they didnt seem happy. I looked away from them and started walking towards the punch/refreshments table. As I was pouring my punch into a cup, someone was instantly by my side. I looked up and saw Luke smiling his brilliant smile at me. "Heey Charlie. You look amazing tonight," he said. He gave me a compliment! "You do, too!" Before I could stop myself, I blurted out,"So where's Veronica? You are her date, arent you?" I was shocked with what I just said. Of course she was his date-theyre DATING....ugh im an idiot. "Well... was my date. I just broke up with her right now." I was shocked even more. "So....who's your date?" he asked, hope filling his eyes. "Nobody. I dont have a date. No one asked me." I said coolly. "Well..Charlie, do you want to dance?" he said with a smile. I grabbed his hand and said,"Yes, of course."
soooo yeah this is a new years surrounded story lol. hope you liked it so far! predict what's going to happen in the next chapter!!! (: btw the next chapter is still at the party (:
and.....the bedrock thing about downloading it....^^^^^^^ yeah thats exactly what happened to me a couple days ago....LOL me and my friends were actually joking around if that went off in class. so a little part of me will be shown up in each chapter (: hope you enjoyed! comment/rate/favorite....? (: love youuuu guyss! :D

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