Life is Full of Surprises( Harry Potter love story) Part 45

Hey guys I'm so so so so sorry it has taken so long for this. My computer hasn't been letting me on quibblo and it's just been a big mess, but I'm back now and I'm on break so I'm going to try and write as much as possible. I hope you still enjoy this :) Tell me what you think

Chapter 1

I was serious

You took a deep breath in calming yourself. He was going to find out sooner or later, but you wished it wasn't like this. You looked from Harry to Seamus and then back to Harry and they waited expectantly for you to answer. " No." you said refusing to look at Seamus. " What?!" Seamus said shocked " You weren't actually serious this morning were you?" " Yes I was." you said looking down at the floor. " I can't believe-" Seamus began, but he was cut of by Harry. " Wait what does Seamus mean?" He asked. You took another deep breath. " We were going out... but I broke up with him...." You said quietly looking down at your feet. It was silent, too silent. You looked up to see Harry glaring at Seamus; his mouth half open as if he was about to say something. " Uh.... Harry are you okay?" You asked. " I don't know what to say. Why didn't you tell me?" Harry said now looking at you. " When it all happened there was so much going on and I didn't want another thing to freak you out and then this summer I was just waiting for the right time and then......" you shuttered thinking about what happened. " Does he know?" Harry asked seriously. You shook your head. No and he wasn't going to find out. No one else needed to know. " What happened this summer? What happened to you?" Seamus said getting closer to you, but you flinched away. You didn't mean to, it just a reflex now, but Harry took it as a threat. What happened next shocked you beyond belief and you never wanted to think of this moment again in your life. Harry's fist collided with Seamus's face and there was a sickening crack. You gasped and before you could realize what you were doing, you pulled Harry away so he wouldn't do it again. " Harry what the hell is wrong with you?!" you said holding on to Harry's shoulders using all your force to keep him from going back at Seamus. He looked down at his hand then back at Seamus, realizing what he had done. He quickly spun around and ran make to his dorm. You turned around to see Seamus with his hands to his face trying to stop the blood. " Oh god" You said looking at him " come on let's get you to the hospital wing." You some what forcefully pulled him out of the common room and into the hospital wing.

As you entered Madame Pompfrey hurried over and started quesitoning the both of you. " What happened?" she asked. " I fell" Seamus said quickly before you could answer. She gave him a questioning look doubting his answer but going along with it. " Okay well sit down" she said handing him a towel to wipe up the blood and then placed her wand on his nose and with another crack his nose was fixed. " Okay now drink this it will help with the pain" she said handing him a cup. You sighed. One problem fixed.... now you need to deal with about 100 other problems.


Okay i know this sucks and it's super short! I feel so terrible. I'm going to try and update again tonight and it will be a lot longer. Please try and bear with me while I'm trying to catch up with everything. Thanks guys, you're the best :)


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