Best Wishes (You Definitely Need To Read This!!!)

Best Wishes (You Definitely Need To Read This!!!)

The picture for the story says:

"I only had enough room to go up to 2012."

"Ha! That'll freak somebody out someday."

XD Just thought I'd share, what with all the tense thoughts about 'the END' coming. XD

Chapter 1

Happy 2012!

I'm going to start this off with a brilliant quote:

"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending." ~Maria Robinson.

I found this on a brilliant article. You should check it out, I've loved everything that's been written on the blog:

Perfect for the New Year! :}

Something I'd like to ask you all: There are so many people saying 2011 was a bad year, a horrible year, a crap year. People post stories containing every bad thing that's happened, from wars to natural disasters. How is that supposed to prepare us for the New Year? How are we ready to begin a new year and a new chapter if we keep re-reading the old one, and just being generally saddened by life?

Everybody's saying that 2011 sucked. But it was a year like any year. There are earthquakes and tsunamis, hurricanes and natural disasters every year. There are wars fought nearly every year, whether we're involved or not. Politics are just about crap any year too. XD

But in your personal life, it wasn't a bad year either. We all have homes and internet access. We can read, go to school, brush off homework, eat food, have clean drinking water, and play more than we work.

We have all manner of technology in our lives, and have immediate access to medical care if anything bad happens. So you had some 'bad' days, felt sad on some, didn't get all that you wanted for Yule. But you're living and having a pretty rich life while several hundred to every one of us isn't having a good life, and there's another hundred more dying with no access to help. 2011 was amazing, and so 2012 will be.

So let's start today and make a new ending. Let's drop off the old habits, and start making new ones. Let's work a little harder and play a little less. Let's be the best people we can be, and take care of both our own needs and others'. Let's have the best year in all ways, healthy, thoughtful, spiritual, and be aware how blessed we all are. Let's not wish for more items we don't have, but be happy with what we've got, and try every day to make it even better than it was before. Don't compare yourself to others--compare yourself to you. Beat personal records to make yourself grow in new and better directions. Step out of your comfort zone, stop being so stressed over every little thing, be a better friend, and get those projects done. Be proud of who you are inside, don't be ashamed of your religion, don't be ashamed of your goals and dreams. Talk, be open about you, and get things going. Take some time to breathe, and go right back at it! I wish you all the best, and that you have the best luck in the New Year. Happy 2012!

Best wishes ~CharmingPotion


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