An Untitled Joe Walker Love Story


This is my first story so please comment and tell me what you think. If you have any suggestions of where the story should go I will be happy to take them! I already have some ideas, but feedback from you would be great.

Thanks for reading!

Chapter 2


We arrived at the place Lauren and Brian had chosen for us to eat at. It was a smallish Cafe that had some small tables out the front. The building looked old but had been done up really nice. There were large double French doors leading into the Cafe and as we walked in my eyes we immediately caught by the cakes over on the other side of the room. My eyes widened and my jaw nearly hit the floor, there were so many and they all looked so good! Joey and I looked at each other and we both ran over to them. We were like kids in a candy shop - which we pretty much were with the way we were acting. While Joey and I were mesmerized by the enormous amount of cakes, the others ordered some coffees and found a table to sit at. After about 15 minutes of trying to choose what cake to buy, Joey bought a Double Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Sauce and I bought a Chocolate Black Forest Cake. We walked back to the table with our cakes and sat down. I sat between Walker and Maddie while Joey sat between Maddie and Brian.

After about 30 seconds of eating I noticed Walker was looking at my cake. "Can I have some?" He finally asked.
"No" I replied with a mouthful of cake, not looking at him.
"Why not?" He asked as if he was a little kid
"Because I said so"
"Mummy's spoken Joseph" Maddie said. Joey, Lauren and Brian laughed, I shot Maddie a glare and Walker was sulking.

While I was glaring at Maddie I saw out of the corner of my eye, Walker's hand inching its way over to my plate, so I slapped his arm.
"OW!" Walker complained "What was that for?" He said cradling his arm in his hand.
"You were gonna steal my cake and I'm very protective of my food"
"Yeah, you don't wanna mess with her and her food, she can get violent" Maddie warned.
"You're like a mini Joey!" Brian said,
"Except I don't get violent" Joey added.
Walker moved down closer to me so his mouth was next to my ear, at the same time putting his arm around me "He actually does" Walker whispered and I smirked.

After about 30 minutes of talking, eating and drinking Brian's phone started to ring. "I’ll be right back" He said as he left.


"I'll be right back" I said to the group as I got up to go outside. "Hello?"
"Hey, where are you?" Nick said through the phone
"I'm out with Lauren, Joey, Walker, Maddie and her friend Carri, why?"
"Matt and I were thinking about having a movie night"
"With who?"
"You, Me, Matt, Lauren, Walker, Joey, Maddie, Jaime, Meredith, Julia..." Nick said "Oh! And Darren said he might come by too" He added
"Okay sounds good. But what about Maddie's friend?" I asked
"Yeah, she can come!"
"Alright, I'll tell the others. Bye." I said walking towards the door.
"Bye" Nick said and I hung up. I walked back inside and over to the table. "Movie night tonight at the manor, are you all free?" I asked the group and they all nodded accept for Carri. "Carri, are you gonna come?"
"Am I invited?" She asked
"Yeah of course you are! Any friend of Maddie's is a friend of ours" I said with a smile
"You might wanna take that back because back in Australia, Maddie and I's group has seven other people in it"
"Yeah" Maddie agreed.


"Movie night tonight at the manor, are you all free?" Brian asked the group and they all nodded accept for me. Am I invited? I thought to myself, no they wouldn't invite me, I'm not even in their group! "Carri, are you gonna come?" Brian asked me, pulling me out of my thoughts.
"Am I invited?" I asked nervously
"Yeah of course you are! Any friend of Maddie's is a friend of ours" He said with a smile
"You might wanna take that back because back in Australia, Maddie and I's group has seven other people in it"
"Yeah" Maddie agreed.

After another 10 minutes of more talking we decided we should go to the manor. "I should go back home and get some stuff" I said as we were walking back towards the cars "Anyone wanna come with me?" I asked,
"I'll come" Walker said as he walked up to me "And I can show you where the manor is as well"
"Yeah, good idea" We all said our goodbyes and we got into the cars.

Walker and I got to my house and went inside. We walked into the living room where Walker sat down and I was going to go up to my room and grab some stuff. Just as I was walking past Walker, he grabbed my arm and pulled me onto his lap. "Do you wanna watch a movie?" He said seductively in my ear. I turned my head to face him and our eyes met,
"Aren't we gonna be watching movies tonight?" I said
"Yeah, but everyone else is gonna be there. If we watch a movie now then it will be just..." He softened his voice and looked down to my lips then back up to my eyes ""
"Sounds good" I whispered.

Our faces were only centimetres away from each other and our eyes were starting to cross from looking into each other’s for so long. Before I had the chance to understand what was happening, Walker moved in and captured my lips with his. His lips were so soft against mine and our lips were moving in perfect sync with each other. I put my hands on his shoulders and moved around so I was facing him but still sitting on his lap. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he wrapped his around my waist, pulling me closer to him. My hands went up his neck and into his hair; it was so soft just like I thought it was. By now his tongue had already made its way into my mouth and was now fighting for dominance with mine.



Lauren, Brian, Joey and I got back to the manor and started to play some video games with Matt and Nick, since nobody else had arrived yet. Why does my pocket seem so empty? I thought to myself. "Ahh shiit. I left my phone and Carri's place" I thought out loud "I gotta go pick it up, do any of you wanna come with me?" I asked the group.
"Why don't you just call her and ask her to bring it when she comes?" Lauren asked
"Because I need it now!" I lowered my voice and move closer to Lauren, "And besides, it gives me an excuse to spy on her and Walker!"
"Okay, I'm coming!" Lauren announced.

Lauren and I arrived at Carri's place, walked up to the door and opened it - I chose not to knock just in case I interrupted something. Lauren and I tiptoed up the hallway and up to the doorway into the living room and slowly peeked around the corner

"OMG!" We both yelled.


"OMG!" We heard two voices from behind us and we immediately broke apart. I know those voices... Lauren and Maddie! What are they doing here?!
"We knew you two would get together!" Maddie yelled.
"We're not together" Both Walker and I said at the same time. I wish we were... I thought.
"Mmhmm. Sure sure. So, are you guys gonna come to the manor anytime soon, or were you just gonna stay here and do that?" Lauren asked
"We were gonna come" I said "Is that why you came? To check up on us?" I asked
"No, I left my phone here. Have you seen it?" Maddie asked
"Have a look around" I said gesturing to the rest of the room and walking towards the hallway up to my room.


Why did they have to come and interrupt? I really like Carri, and after that kiss it seems like she likes me too...

"Walker!" Maddie said sitting down next to me, pulling me out of my thoughts,
"Tell us what happened" Lauren demanded sitting on the other side of me.
"We kissed...?"
"We know that! What else happened?" Maddie asked excitedly
"Ugh...I forgot! He's a guy! He's hopeless!" Lauren said sitting back into the couch
"Ugh..." Maddie agreed sitting back into the couch as well.
"I think I'm gonna go see where Carri went..." I said getting up from the couch walking out of the room.
I walked out of the living room and in the direction of where I was hoping Carri was. Her house was pretty empty but it was still nice. I walked down a hallway that had a few doors coming off it. The first one was a bedroom that was empty, the second was a bathroom and the third was a bedroom which was empty except for a bed, two bedside tables and some bags and boxes. Within the room there were two doors; one that looked like a closet and one that I guessed led to a bathroom. I heard water running from behind the door, so Carri was having a shower. I walked over to her bed and sat down and looked all around her bedroom. After about a minute the water stopped running, the door opened and Carri walked out in only a towel. I raised an eyebrow; she looked good in a towel.
"Why are you in my room?" She asked trying to cover herself up even more. I got up and slowly walked towards her,
"I don't know, just felt like it" I said softly. I reached out and cupped her face in my hands and we both leaned in,
"Can you guys stop?" Lauren said appearing at the door. I removed my hands from her face and Carri and I looked at Lauren. "Nick just called, he wants us to come now" And with that she left.
"I should get dressed" Carri said and I turned to look at her "So get out"
"Fine" I said moodily and walked out and Carri closed the door. Why does Lauren have to interrupt us all the time! Can't she just leave us to do what we want in peace?

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