An Untitled Joe Walker Love Story


This is my first story so please comment and tell me what you think. If you have any suggestions of where the story should go I will be happy to take them! I already have some ideas, but feedback from you would be great.

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Chapter 12


A/N: I am SO sorry that I've taken so long to update, I had a huge writers block and school was being annoying.

I'm also sorry that this chapter is a little sucky considering how long it took to write it.

I'm really gonna try to update more often :)

The next morning I woke up to someone knocking on my front door. I sat up and looked around; Joe was sprawled across the couch, Ollie was almost falling off one of the recliners, Sam and Lachlan were on the floor and Mitchell looked like he had fallen off the other recliner. I reluctantly got up off where I was lying on the floor and walked over to my front door and opened it.

"Where is he?" came a voice when I opened the door.
"Taylor?" I asked sleepily, rubbing my eyes.
"Where is he, Carri?" she demanded.
"Where is who?" I asked through a yawn.
"Joe. Where is he?"
"Sleeping on my couch" I answered and she barged through the space where I'd opened the door and into my living room. I closed the door and walked behind her.
"Joe!" Taylor yelled, waking all the boys up.
"Stop yelling!"Sam yelled and everyone groaned.
"Why didn't you come back to the manor? I was waiting for you!"Taylor yelled at Joe.
"I'm sorry, I fell asleep while we were watching movies"
Taylor turned to me "Why didn't you wake him up?" she yelled at me.
I walked towards her "Number 1; stop yelling in my house. Number 2; I was asleep!" I said "How do you expect me to wake him up when I was sleep too, we all were!" She looked shocked that I'd had the nerve to yelled at her then turned to Joe,
"Come on Joe" she turned and walked towards the hallway "we're leaving" Joe reluctantly got up then walked out of the living room, ruffling my hair slightly as he walked passed me.
"See ya later"
"Bye" my brothers and I all said before we heard the sound of the front door closing. I turned back around to see all my brothers looking expectantly at me.
"I'm not talking to you guys about anything" I said as I turned away and walked out the living room doorway. The boys all groaned loudly but left me to walk away up the stairs to my bedroom.

And that was the last I heard from Joe for 3 months...

In those excruciatingly long 3 months my brothers went back to Australia; I went back to Australia also since my mum got sick; Starkid had released their new show, Holy Musical B@man, which I wasn't a part of since I was in Australia and; Maddie had moved to Chicago.

When I first heard from Lauren that Taylor had 'forbidden' Joe to speak to or see me, I thought she was joking; but after two weeks of no texts, no calls and no seeing him I knew it must be true. How dare she? Yes, she's his girlfriend but how dare she tell him who he can and cannot talk to or see. How far along would she be now? 5 months? Oh god, 5 months. She's over half way, there's no going back now. Joe's gonna be a father in 4 months. 4 months! Imagine what it's gonna be like once she's had the baby. She'll be even more over protective of him! I probably won't ever see him ever again for the rest of my life. I'll lose my job because let's face it, if they have to choose between Joe being in a show or me being in a show, they'll choose Joe. It's all her fault. And Joe's. But only partially Joe's.

Since Joe and I hadn't been talking I had grown increasingly closer to Darren. Whenever we saw each other we would somehow ending up talking to each other about anything. Then, when he went back to LA we would text and call each other. I had somehow forgotten about the incident in the kitchen and it seemed as though he had too. We never talked about Joe. Ever. And I didn't even really know why. I didn't even think to ask why Darren never talked about him or even ask him if he'd talked to him lately. I missed Joe, I really did but I couldn't help but feel that Darren was starting to fill the hole in myself where Joe had once been. Because I knew that Joe would probably never be allowed to talk to me again, I allowed myself to come to terms with that fact.

"Carri!" I looked up at the sound of my name to see Lauren and Maddie walking towards me. I'd just come back from Australia and was waiting for them to pick me up from the airport. I got up, grabbed my bags and started walking towards them.
"How's your mum?" Maddie asked once we'd exchanged hugs.
"She's alright, getting better" I said. We walked out of the airport and over to Maddie's car where I put my bags in the back and we all got in.

"So, how's everyone?" I asked.
"They're all good, missed you heaps" Lauren said, I nodded.
"Joe's pretty bad though" Maddie said.
"Well, Taylor left him and he missed you like crazy" my eyes widened, Taylor left him? He missed me?
"Take me to see him" I said
"What? Don't you wanna go home first and have a sho-"
"No, take me to see him" I cut Lauren off. Both girls sighed and Maddie started driving in a different direction. "Where are we going?" I asked, we were going in a completely different direction to where the manor was.
"He moved" Lauren replied simply.
"Why?" I asked
"Taylor" they both said at the same time.

We drove around for a couple minutes longer then Maddie stopped the car in front of a very nice looking house.

"It's that one" Maddie said as she pointed to one of the houses. I unbuckled my seat belt and opened the car door.
"Do you want us wait here?" Lauren asked.
"Just wait for a sec, if he's home then you can go"
"He'll be home" Maddie said and I got out of the car.

I walked up to his front door, knocked and waited. Joe opened the door and his face lit up immediately when he saw me.

"Carri!" I smiled and he swooped down, grabbed be by the waist and picked me up in a hug.
"I've missed you" I said into his neck.
"I've missed you too" he put me down. "What are you doing here? How did you get here?" he asked.
"I just got back from Australia and Lauren and Maddie came to pick me up then they brought me here"
"Why'd they bring you here?" he asked, closing his front door.
"We need to talk" I said as I walked further into his house. Joe led me into his living room and we sat down on his couch.
"Okay, you and Taylor" I said and his face fell "tell me what happened"
"What do you already know?" he asked.
"Not much" he sighed,
"Okay, Taylor had a miscarriage and broke up with me"
"She had a miscarriage?" I asked, shocked. Lauren and Maddie hadn't mentioned that. "Why did she break up with you?"
"Because she knew the only reason I came back to her was because of the baby and now that she's lost it, she didn't want me anymore"
"Well she doesn't deserve you anyway" I muttered quietly.
"What?" he asked turning to face me.
I sighed "I said, she doesn't deserve you. You're funny, sweet, caring, compassionate..." I lowered my voice, while looking down at my hands "'re amazing...she doesn't deserve y-" I was cut off with Joe's lips crashing onto mine. He pulled away quickly and looked down at his hands.
"I'm sorry. I shouldn't hav-" now it was my turn to interrupt. His arms snaked around my waist while mine did the same to his neck. I slowly moved onto his lap, so our stomachs were touching. I moved my hands up so my fingers were tangled in his hair, while he started kissing down my jaw and onto my neck.

"I've missed you. So. Much" Joe breathed as he moved his lips back up to mine.
"I've missed you too"

Things started to heat up as we both let out all our pent up emotions. But all too soon we were interrupted.

"Hey Joe! I brought food and games and mov- holy shiit!"

I jumped up from Joe's lap and as I took a step backwards I hit the back of my legs on the edge of the coffee table and ended up sitting on it.

"Well... that was a spectacular fall" Joey said. I looked up at Joey then Joe and we all cracked up laughing "Okay, but seriously. What did I just walk in on?"
"Nothing..." Joe and I answered. Joey gave us a look but didn't push us to talk anymore.

I sat back down next to Joe while Joey popped a movie in and spread the food out on the coffee table.

"Why is it that we always get interrupted?" I whispered to Joe and he laughed.
"I have no idea" he whispered back and I looked up at him and we smiled.

Joey plopped down on the other side of me and I tore my gaze away from Joe.

"When did you get back?" Joey asked me. I told him the whole story about Lauren and Maddie picking me up, telling me about Joe then bringing me to see him.
"Why aren't you in LA?" I asked Joey.
"Well, Joe needed some company and some cheering up so I volunteered"
"I see" I said nodding my head.
"But it looks as though I won't have to stay for long..." I looked over at Joey who just winked and I rolled my eyes.

We all lapsed into silence and watched the movie while eating and drinking. Sometime during the movie I'd sprawled myself across Joe and Joey, my head in Joe's lap and my legs in Joey's while one of Joe's hands was lightly playing with my hair and my eyes were closing as I slowly drifted off to sleep.

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