An Untitled Joe Walker Love Story


This is my first story so please comment and tell me what you think. If you have any suggestions of where the story should go I will be happy to take them! I already have some ideas, but feedback from you would be great.

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Chapter 11

"Maybe you should knock..."

I came down the stairs from my bedroom the next morning to find all my brothers sitting in the kitchen eating breakfast. I grabbed a bowl of cereal, sat down at the table and started to eat. When I was putting my third spoonful into my mouth, I looked up to find my brothers looking at me.

"What?" I asked with my mouth full of food
"So, what's up with you and Joe?" Ollie asked and my other brothers leaned in to listen also
"What do you mean?" I asked
"You broke up, yet I found you two hugging in the bathroom..."
"We're friends, we hug each other" I said simply
"That girlfriend of his is a bit of a biitch, isn't she" Mitchell commented
"Mmhmm, you shoulda heard what she said about Aussies the other day before you guys came to the manor"
"What did she say?" Sam asked. I told them about the whole incident with Taylor as well as what Brian, Darren and Joe all did and said.
"That Darren sounds like a bit of a diick head, doesn't he?" Lachlan said after I had finished my story
"He usually isn't" I said
"And he's coming over tonight for "a movie night"?" Mitchell asked with air quotes "Joe, I mean"
"Yeah, we're friends, that's what friends do"
"Oh, don't give us that" Sam said
"We all know you still like him" Ollie teased
"And he still likes you" Mitchell added. Joe still likes me?
"He still likes me?" I asked, shocked
"I shouldn't have said that..." Mitchell muttered
Lachlan hit his arm "No, shouldn't have, idiot"

Joe arrived at my house at about 6pm that night with bags full of the food and drinks which I had asked him to bring. We settled down in the living room with the bags, pillows, blankets, and of course; the movies. Joe popped in a movie while I set up the blankets and pillows on the floor. I put a few of the blankets on the floor for us to lay and sit on and I put some pillows up against the couch for us to lean against. We sat back against the pillows and I pulled a blanket over the top of us as well as putting the food and drinks closer to us. I couldn't stop thinking about what Mitchell had said "And he still likes you". Did he really? He seemed like he's moved on...


"Do you believe that Joe and Carri are "just friends"?" Lachlan asked the group. Carri had kicked us out for the night so Brian came to pick us up and take us round to the manor to hang out with him, Jim, Nick and Matt.
"Well they kinda have to be, don't they?" Brian said "You know, with Joe having a pregnant girlfriend and everything"
"Ahh... I forgot my phone at Carri's" I said "I gotta go get it"
"Why do you need it?" Mitchell asked
"Cos Helena is supposed to be calling me sometime today and if I don't answer it she'll get pissed with me" I said
"Who's Helena?" Jim asked
"My girlfriend" I replied "Carri won't care... much. I'll just go over there and get it quickly then we'll go"
"Maybe we should all go and see if Carri and Joe are "just friends"" Ollie smirked


Joe and I were halfway through our movie

"Are you staying the night... or?" I asked, I couldn't remember him telling me if he was or not
"Taylor would kill me" Joe said "Remind me again; why am I with her?"
"Because she's having your baby Joe!" I said as I slapped his arm playfully "And cos you can't keep it in your pants" I muttered under my breath
"What was that?" he asked turning to face me
"Nothing, nothing" I said looking back up to the TV
"I heard what you said"
"No you didn't..."
"Yes I did"
"Well what did I say then?" I turned to face him
"That I can't keep it in my pants"
"Well, can you?" I asked slightly smiling and Joe looked sheepishly around the room. I laughed, "Well, I guess that's decided then" I said looking back up at the TV "you can't keep it in your pants"

Before I had the chance to blink, Joe had grabbed me by my sides and started tickling me. I screamed and fell sideways onto the floor then Joe rolled me onto my back while still tickling me.


Brian drove me, Lachlan, Ollie and Mitchell over to Carri's house. Nick, Matt and Jim didn't want to come as they didn't want to be a part of something that might get them killed. If Carri wasn't my sister, I'd be scared that I'd be killed too.

We arrived at Carri's house and we couldn't see any lights on anywhere in the house.

"Maybe we shouldn't go in there..." Lachlan said, looking scared. He was always the one who was the most scared of Carri when she was angry.
"Why not?" Mitchell asked
"There's no lights on" I answered as if it was obvious
"Ohhhh" Mitchell said as he realised what I had meant
"Yeah... I don't wanna walk in there and have to see..." Brian trailed off "He's my best friend!" he exclaimed
"Carri's our sister mate, that's a lot worse" Ollie said
"I don't even wanna be thinking about that" Lachlan said, looking disgusted
"Come on, it'll be fine" I said as I started to walk towards the door.

We got up to the front door and slowly and quietly opened it.
"Phase one; complete" I whispered
"They're in the living room" Brian whispered


"Stop!" I yelled between fits of giggles "Please stop!"
"No, this is fun" Joe laughed. He kneeled up on top of me with his knees on the ground either side of me, still tickling me while I tried to take his hands away from my tummy.


We sneaked up the hallway and as we got closer and closer to the living room we heard laughter.

"Wait. Their laughing, just wait a sec" Lachlan said, grabbing arm to stop me walking any further "Wait until it goes quiet, or close to quiet"


"Please stop, I'll pee on you!" I yelled and Joe stopped tickling me but didn't move. He relaxed a little and slowly put his hands down on either side of me to support him. Joe was looking down at me and I was looking up at him while we were both trying to catch our breath. In one swift movement Joe swooped down and captured my lips with his, kissing me soft and sweetly. I started to kiss back but I broke the kiss, remembering "Girlfriend" I muttered softly
"Oh yeah" Joe whispered.


"It seems quiet now; we should jump out" Ollie said quietly but loud enough for us to hear
"Okay, on the count of three" I whispered "One... two... three"
"Arrgghhh!" we all yelled as we jumped around the corner into the living room.


"Arrgghhh!" Joe and I both jumped and he almost fell on top of me
"Why do I always have to see stuff I don't want to?" Ollie whined. Joe and I quickly got up and sat on different ends of my couch.
"Maybe you should knock..." I muttered
"I knew there was something going on!" Lachlan exclaimed
"There's nothing going on!" Joe and I both yelled and the other guys smirked
"Is that why you were so excited to come here tonight, cos you knew you would get it in?" Brian asked and I tried to suppress a laugh as this reminded me of the convosation Joe and I had just had
"No!" Joe yelled
"Why are you laughing?" Sam asked me suspiciously
I took a deep breath "So, you also agree that he can't keep it in his pants?" my brothers and Brian walked forwards and sat on the floor in front of my couch, facing Joe and I
"Yes I agree" Brian said
"Good, me too" I looked over to Joe and smiled while he glared at me.

Because my brothers and Brian refused to leave my house in fear that Joe wouldn't be able to keep it in his pants, they decided that they would stay for the rest of the night watching movies with us.
"You know what we should do?" Joe asked suddenly while we were half way through watching the next movie, making me jump
"Not this again" I whined. Everyone looked at me with a confused expression as Joe and I smiled knowingly at each other "What should we do, Jo-Jo?" I asked and he scowled while I smiled innocently
"Play some laser tag!" he exclaimed
"Yes!" all the boys yelled
"It's 11.30pm" I pointed out
"I didn't mean now, sometime before your brothers leave"
"Okay, but I must warn you; my brothers and I are the best at laser tag" I said
"Bull shiit"
"We are" Sam and Mitchell said
"We've won awards" Lachlan said
"Awards?" Brian asked
"The place where we played laser tag all the time had competitions and gave out awards at the end of the year for the best team" Ollie explained
"We always won" I added

Not long after this, Brian got a phone call from a distressed Matt asking him to come back to the manor to help with a problem he had with the script for the new show they were writing; which they still hadn't told me about. He felt it was safe to leave as my brothers were still here to watch over me and Joe.

At about 12.20am, I looked around the room and discovered that all my brothers had fallen asleep and Joe looked almost asleep. I got up and turned the movie off then took all the empty bowls and cups to the kitchen.

"Hey, why aren't you asleep?" I turned around to find a very sleepy looking Joe standing in the doorway to my kitchen
"I could ask you the same question"
"You woke me up when you got up" he said rubbing his eyes
"Oh, sorry"
"It's okay" he said walking towards me
"Have you talked to Darren lately?" I asked
"Yep" Joe answered quickly
"You two alright?"
"Yeah, why wouldn't we be?" I shrugged
"Do you know something?" we both asked at the same time
"You answer first" I said quickly before he got the chance to say the same
"I heard about what happened in the kitchen"
"That's what I thought" I said "Are you angry at him?"
"Of course I am" I nodded "Is that alright?" he asked
"Is what alright?"
"Me being angry at Darren"
"You can be angry at whoever you wanna be angry at" he smiled and nodded "Are you gonna go home?" I asked while stifling a yawn
"Oh, geez. I don't know"
"You could just go fall asleep on the couch and say you fell asleep during the movie" I suggested
"Yeah, I think I will" Joe took a step forward and gave me a hug "Night"

Taylor is not going to be happy in the morning.

A/N: This chapter took me a while to write, but I have no idea why since it's pretty sucky. I've written all this good stuff for future chapters which I'm really excited about but some stuff has to happen before that all the good stuff happens. I wish I could get through all the filler chapters really quickly, but it's not that easy I guess.

Anyway, thanks for reading!

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