An Untitled Joe Walker Love Story


This is my first story so please comment and tell me what you think. If you have any suggestions of where the story should go I will be happy to take them! I already have some ideas, but feedback from you would be great.

Thanks for reading!

Chapter 10

Carri, Carribear, Carrissa, Issa, Carrissiwissi, Carrissamissa

"What's going on in here?" I recognise that voice... "Woah, I was just joking but what is going on here?" I pulled away from Joe and looked at the doorway, my eyes widened.
"Ollie?" he looked different than the last time I saw him, bigger... All four of my brothers were 6 foot something like my dad and full muscle. I was 5'4 like my mum, so I felt tiny next to them.
"Hey little sister, how's it goin?" I walked towards Ollie who was still standing in the doorway,
"What are you doing here?" I asked, a little in shock
"Visiting you?" he said but it sounded more like a question
"Well, it's your birthday soon and Maddie thou-"
"Maddie" I muttered cutting Ollie off. I pushed past Ollie and walked down the hallway then down the stairs.

"Maddison Elizabeth Harvey!" I yelled walking into the living room. As I walked towards her I noticed my three other brothers; Lachlan, Mitchell and Sam, were sitting around the room "I fvcking love you!" I yelled as I hugged Maddie and we both smiled at each other; she knows exactly how to cheer me up.
"Carrissa Amelia Johns, stop swearing right now!" Sam said, doing an imitation of our mother. I turned around and looked at him with my hardest glare,
"Don't call me that!" I whined then smiled, I can’t stay angry at my brothers.
"Carri is short for Carrissa?" Joe asked as he appeared at the doorway
"Yeah, but my mum is the only one who calls me that when she's angry at me"
"Carrissa Amelia Johns, stop making out with that boy on the couch right now!" Sam said imitating mum again
"That never happened" I said
"Carrissa Amelia Johns, put on some longer shorts!" Mitchell said
"Carrissa Amelia Johns, leave your brothers alone!" Lachlan exclaimed
"Carrissa Amelia Johns, stop standing in the bathroom hugging your ex boyfriend!" Ollie added from where he was standing next to Joe in the doorway. I turned around to look at him "Ooh, she's giving me her 'shut the fvck up look'. I haven't seen that one in ages!"
"What was that last one?" Taylor asked as she walked up behind Ollie and Joe. Ahh shiit, I forgot she was here!
"Just something our mum used to say" Ollie lied. Taylor looked suspicious but didn't say anything else. It's a good thing my brothers are good liars. I looked around the room and as I looked over towards Sam, Lachlan and Mitchell, they winked. I rolled my eyes, I'm not looking forward to the talk I'm gonna get tonight.

"When did you guys get here?" I asked my brothers once Joe, Ollie, Taylor and I sat down in the living room.
"Our plane landed yesterday" Mitchell answered
"And you didn't come see me?"
"We're here now aren't we?" Lachlan said
"You look horrible by the way" Sam commented
"Yes, I know" I stuck my tongue out at him.

My brothers and I continued to talk to the gang until it was late into the night. The Starkids were asking every question they could think of about me. When my brothers had finished what must have been the 50th embarrassing story about me, I wanted to go home. Maddie and I had to practically drag my brothers out the door to make them leave. Because my brothers are too cheap to stay in a hotel room, they decided that they would be stay with me for the next two weeks that they were staying in Chicago. Ollie and Lachlan were going to be sleeping on the floor in the spare bedroom, Mitchell got the couch and Sam was sleeping on the floor in the living room.

As soon as we got back home I went straight up to my bedroom, hoping I could avoid talking to my brothers about me and Joe.

"You can't avoid the subject forever, Issa!" Ollie yelled to me as I walked quickly into my bedroom.

The next morning I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing. 10.30am, shiit. Why didn't my brothers wake me up? Normally they would jump to the chance to wake me up early in the morning.

"Hello?" I asked groggily
"Hey, were you still sleeping?"
"Yes I was still sleeping, my brothers didn't wake me up"
"That's probably because Brian and Nick came and picked them up a few hours ago and brought them to the manor" I groaned, "Everyone loves your brothers"
"Great" I said sarcastically "Is that it?"
"No, there was something else" I stayed silent waiting for Joe to continue "Well, what is it?" I asked after he didn't say anything
"You know what we should do?" he asked excitedly
"What should we do?" I asked
"We should have a movie night. Just us two, to catch up and stuff"
"If you want your girlfriend to kill me, yeah sure"
He laughed, "She won't kill you, I promise. So do you wanna?"
"Yeah, okay. Where do you propose we have this movie night?" I asked
"Well, we can't have it at the manor... So your place?"
"My brothers will be here so you'll probs ditch me to talk to them"
"I won't do that"
"Yes, you will"
"If you're really worried that I will, then send them over to the manor"
"... Umm... Okay, fine"
"So tomorrow night?" Joe asked
"Tomorrow night" I confirmed
"Okay, see ya"
"Bye" I hung up and lied back down and fell asleep instantly.

I woke up for the second time this morning to someone sitting on me and various voices saying my name.

I groaned, "Fvck off"
"Would mum be happy if she heard you swearing like that?" teased Sam- or was it Mitchell?... they sound too much the same
"She's not here. And whoever is on top of me, GET OFF!" I shouted and the weight on top of me disappeared
"Come on Carri, we needa show yo-"
"GET OUT!" I yelled, I don't like being woken up
"She's not a morning person is she?" Brian muttered
"OUT!" the door closed and I rolled over, hoping I would fall asleep and that they wouldn't come back.

"Carri" Joe said softly, walking towards my bed 5 minutes later
"Yeah, waddayawant?" I mumbled, keeping my eyes closed
"Your brothers have a surprise for you" he said standing next to my bed near where my head was resting comfortably on my pillow
"What is it?" I asked rolling on my back
"I can't tell you, it's a surprise"
"Fine, carry me?" I outstretching my arms and wriggled my fingers like a little kid who wants to be picked up. Joe picked me up bridal style and I put my arms around his neck. "Were you the one sitting on me?" I asked while he was walking down the stairs
"No, that was Brian"
"Remind me to kill him later"
He laughed, "I promise I won't forget" Joe walked into the living room,
"Surprise!" my brothers yelled from where they were standing my living room
"Why are you carrying her?" Taylor asked as she saw Joe carrying me, Joe either didn't hear her or ignored her
"What did you do?" I asked my brothers
"We cleaned!" "And made you breakfast!" "And cleaned your clothes!" "And bought you more food!" Ollie, Lachlan, Sam and Mitchell exclaimed
"And we helped!" Nick, Brian and Jim yelled
I jumped down from Joe's arms and walked over to my brothers and put the palm of hand on each of their heads as if I was checking their temperature, "Are you feeling alright?" I asked, still in shock
"Yeah?" Ollie answered
"Why did you do all of that?" I asked "You hate me"
"We don't hate you, little sister" Mitchell said while grabbing me and holding my head close to his chest, kinda like what Umbridge did to Hermione in A Very Potter Sequel
"Umm... yeah, you kinda do"
"She's still tired, she doesn't know what she's saying" he reassured everyone while he stroked my hair and everyone laughed.

When I broke out of Mitchell's hold I looked around the room, it did look cleaner. As I looked more around the room I noticed Taylor was sitting on one of the couches with Joe and Brian and she didn't look like she wanted to be here at all.

I ran upstairs and got changed then came back into the living to eat my breakfast my brothers had made. It was my favourite; pancakes with bacon, maple syrup and ice cream. The boys talked while I dug into my breakfast and stuffed my face really unattractively while Taylor was giving me disgusted looks the entire time – it's my house, I can do what I like.

"Where are Matt and Darren?" I asked once I'd finished eating
"Matt is writing the script for our new show and refused to take a break with us" Brian answered
"And Darren had to go back to LA this morning, urgent Glee thing or something" Joe said looking a little pissed about having to talk about Darren. Does he know what happened in the kitchen yesterday?
"So, can you tell me what this new show is about?" I asked Nick and Brian
"Not while your brothers are here... later" Joe, Brian, Nick and Jim all winked.

A/N: Not what you expected? Yeah, me too.

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