An Untitled Joe Walker Love Story


This is my first story so please comment and tell me what you think. If you have any suggestions of where the story should go I will be happy to take them! I already have some ideas, but feedback from you would be great.

Thanks for reading!

Chapter 1


Knock knock knock.

"Uggh. Who would be visiting me! I only just moved in!" I said out loud to myself. Since I only arrived in Chicago from Australia two days ago, I was busy unpacking everything I could and building and moving around furniture. On the way to the door I checked myself in the mirror, I looked alright but not as good as I usually did. As soon as I opened the door I was almost tackled by someone, "Carri!" they said as we pulled away.
"Maddie?" I asked. Maddie was one of my best friends from Australia and was supposed to be in New York. She wasn't coming to see me until next week. "What are you doing here?"
"I came to see you early, I couldn't wait until next week!"
"Well you could have called me!"
"Well then it wouldn't have been a surprise! Are you gonna let us in or what?"
"Yeah, come in." I said moving out of the way of the door so Maddie and the four other people she brought could come in. When they were inside we made our way into the pretty much empty living room and Maddie started introducing me to her friends.
"This is Lauren Lopez, Joey Richter, Brian Holden and Joe Walker, but you can just call him Walker" She said pointing to all of them in turn. "And this is Carri Johns" She said pointing to me and I smiled. We all said our hellos then walked over to the couches to sit down. Lucky she didn't bring anyone else, we were already almost sitting on each other as it was.

"Well, this is...nice" Maddie said sarcastically.
"Shut up Mads, I've only been here two days."
"Okay, okay!" She said holding her hands up defensively.
"So Carri, you’re Australian too huh?" Walker asked me, while looking down at me. I was sitting on the two-seater couch in between Joey and Walker, while Lauren and Maddie were sitting on one of the recliners and Brian was on the other one.
I turned to face him, "Yeah I am. What gave me away?" I asked and we both laughed.
"I don't know, I just had a feeling that you might be" He said sarcastically, I nodded while trying to hold back from laughing while Walker was doing the same.


Her laugh is amazing. I could listen to it all day. And her smile. It's so infectious, when I see it I feel like smiling too. And her eyes, I love the colour of them. They are like a never ending pool of warmth and happiness. I could get used to looking into them... Wait! What are you doing? You only just met her, why are you thinking about things like that?

"Walker... Walker... JOE!"
"OW!" I said while rubbing my arm where Carri had hit it "What was that for?"
"We were asking you if you wanted to play some video games or something" she said "but you were daydreaming"
"What were you thinking about?" Lauren asked suspiciously.
"Oh.. um.. nothing..." I lied "Yeah I wanna play video games. What game are we gonna play?" I asked quickly, trying to change the subject. I definitely didn't want them to know what was going in my mind.
"We don't know, we were hoping that you would choose" Maddie said handing me the games,
"Oh, okay" I took the games and looked through them. I have to admit, Carri has good taste in games.


"What were you thinking about?" Lauren asked Walker.
"Oh.. um... nothing..." Walker said. I could tell he was lying, and I’m pretty sure everyone else did too. I wish I knew what he was thinking about. It must have been something good if he couldn't hear us when we were trying to talk to him. "Yeah I wanna play video games. What game are we gonna play?" Walker asked quickly, as if he was trying to change the subject. For an actor he wasn’t very good at, well... acting.
"We don't know, we were hoping that you would choose" Maddie said handing Walker the games,
"Oh, okay" He took the games and looked through them. I tried to take my eyes away from his as he was looking through the games, but I couldn't; they were too beautiful. They're like endless pools of blue that I can't help but get lost in. His hair looks so soft. It's not messy but at the same time it's not overly neat, it looks good like that. I just wanna reach over and run my hands through it… No! You just met him! You can't think like that. If he knew what was going on in your head right now, he would think you were crazy and weird! Well…you are those things but you don't want him to know that... Well at least not yet anyway.
"Okay," Walker said, his voice pulling me out of my thoughts, "This one." He said as he handed Maddie the Mario Kart Disc. "Who's gonna play?"

After about 15 minutes of constant fighting and a lot of yelling, we decided that all the girls would play, then the boys, then the winner of each would play against each other.

"Walker come on you can beat her!" Brian said. I had won against the girls and Walker had won against the boys, so we were versing each other. I was currently winning.
"Brian! Shut up! I’m trying!" Walker yelled and I laughed.
"Walker’s gonna get beaten by a girl!" Lauren sang,
"Shut up Lauren! You're distracting me!" I yelled. I never realised how stressful playing a video game can be.


"No!" Walker, Brian and Joey all yelled.
"Yes!" The girls yelled, and they jumped up to hug me.
"Ha! I came 2nd and you came 7th! Ha-ha!" Walker threw his controller and sat back into the couch. "Hey! I know you're not happy about me winning but you don't have to take it out on my controller" I said walking over to it, picking it up and putting it on the coffee table. I walked over to the couch Walker was on and sat next to him.
"Don’t worry, there’s always next time" I said patting his arm, trying not to laugh.

Because the boys weren't happy that we had won, we let them choose a movie for us all to watch while us girls got the snacks. They had chosen to watch 'The Wog Boy' since it was Australian and they had never seen it.

"Caaaarrrriiii, I saw you looking at Walker before..." Maddie said to me as Lauren, Maddie and I were in the kitchen getting some snacks together.
"Yeah, so... I was looking at everyone" I lied. Please believe me. Please believe me. Please believe me. I chanted over and over in my head.
"No. When I say looking I mean looking" Maddie said putting emphasis on the second 'looking'.
"She means staring" Lauren corrected.
"Oh" I replied. What was that? Okay, think up a better lie. Thinking... thinking... "Oh really? I-I didn’t notice" Yeah, that was waaay better. The two other girls exchanged knowing glances and walked out of the kitchen into the living room with the snacks. Shiit.

Maddie, Lauren and I walked into the living room with the snacks and put them on the coffee table which was pushed off to the side so Joey could lie on the floor. Walker was sitting on the couch so I sat with him again, Brian was sitting on one of the recliners, Maddie sat on the other one and Lauren went lie on the floor with Joey. When I sat down, Walker put his arm around me so I sat closer to him. Both Lauren and Maddie saw this and out the corner of my eye I saw them exchange knowing glances again.

The movie finished and the girls and I went into the kitchen to take the empty bowls, plates and cups back.

"Carri! Aren't you and Walker the cutest?" Maddie exclaimed just as we got into the kitchen.
"What? I didn’t notice..." I lied.
"What do you mean 'you didn’t notice'?" Lauren said grabbing my shoulders, "He had his arm around you the entire movie!"
"Okay, so maybe I did notice. But why would he like me?" I said putting the emphasis on the 'he' and 'me'.
"Umm... Because you're gorgeous!" Maddie said matter-of-factly.
"Whatever..." I said as I turned around to leave the kitchen when I heard Brian, Joey and Walker talking. I turned around and told Lauren and Maddie to be quiet and follow me. We crept up the short hallway until we were just outside the door way into the living room. I turned around and held a finger to my lips telling the girls to keep quiet, they responded with a nod of their heads. From where I was standing I could hear most of their convosation.

"Walker, maaaate. She wants ya! Hook in mate!" Joey said in his best Australian accent. He's trying to be like the guys from 'The Wog Boy', what an idiot. "And we know you want her too. You had your arm around her the entire movie!"
"But how do you know she wants me?" Walker asked, putting the emphasis the 'she' and 'me', like I had done in the kitchen with Maddie and Lauren.
"Because I could tell." Brian said
"She wants ya mate!" Joey said, again with an Australian accent.
"We hardly even know each other!" Walker complained
"Well get to know her!" Brian exclaimed.

I turned around and the girls were looking expectantly at me. "I'm gonna scare them" I whispered "Stay here" They nodded and I thought of what I was going to say.

"Come on! Hoo-"
"Are you trying to be like the wog boy?... Seriously?" I interrupted as I walked into the room. The boys looked at each other nerviously.
"Umm... depends. How much did you hear?" Joey said nervously
"Enough" Lauren and Maddie said together as they walked into the room.

We all sat down in the same spots we were in before, accept Walker's arm wasn’t around me, to be honest I was kinda disappointed.

"So what are we gonna do now?" Maddie asked and I shrugged.
"Hey! I have an idea! Why don't we go out and get some food?" Joey said,
"Yes! I'm really hungry!" I said excitedly.
"But we were just eating! How can you still be hungry?" Maddie asked,
"They were only snacks!" I complained "And plus, I take after my Croatian Grandfather and he could eat nonstop all day if he wanted to! Actually, I think he does..." I added and we all laughed.
"That sounds like Joey!" Lauren said "You two could be long lost relatives or something!"
"That would be so cool!" I said looking at Joey and he was looking at me. He has really nice hair too… And such warm brown eyes...
"Yeah it would!" Joey said equally as excited as me, and we high fived. "Are we gonna go eat now?"
"Yes! But you guys have to choose the place because I've only lived here for two days..."

As Joey, Lauren, Brian and Walker were fighting about where to go, I realised how much I like Walker's voice. It can be so rough and gravelly at times but also so smooth and calming at others.
Once we had finally decided where to go, we had to decide who was going in which car.

"Who's coming with me?" I asked the group.
"I bags Lauren and Joey!" Maddie yelled, grabbing each of their arms and leading them to her car. I turned to Walker and Brian,
"Well I guess you guys are coming with me." I said and led them over to my car.

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