The Newborn Witch (When Twilight and Harry Potter meet)

The Newborn Witch (When Twilight and Harry Potter meet)

This is an idea I've had a while. Basically I'm mixing Twilight and Harry Potter hopefully you enjoy :)

Chapter 1

Main character:

Name: Liana Cullen

Looks: long lightly curled hair. Platinum blonde with huge eyes. Looks a lot like Allison Harvard from Americas Next Top Model. Has that vampire beauty an pale skin.

Power: her voice is so beautiful it can practically in capitate all who hear.

Patronus: White dove

People he's close to: she's extrly close with her "sister" Rosealie. Emmett is her favorite brother and she looks up to Carlisle as an idol. Eventually she becomes close friends with Fred and George Wesley and Harry Potter.

Personality: Liana keeps to herself as her red eyes would scare many. She's a newborn vampire and doesn't remember anything from her human life. She wants to laugh and have fun but doesn't know how considering she's a cold monster. Hopefully someone can save her from her own misery... As she finds out she's a which also and must figure out a way to control her throat in a school filled with children called Hogwarts.

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