My Pleasure ~An Albus Severus Potter Love Story~

From the point of view of Hilly Brown. (Lavender Brown's daughter)

Hilly Brown is in third year at Hogwars School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Her heart is suddenly pounding for Albus Potter, son of the Harry Potter. She doesn't know where this sensation came from, but she does not argue. Desperate to receive Albus' attention, she becomes his friends friend, then later to become his.

Chapter 1

New Sensations.


Hilly Brown sat at the Gryffindor table in the Great Hall. It was dinner and she was listening to Mary Ann Lee tell about, how in herbology, Professor Longbottom had directed to pick a magical plant and write 12 inches of parchment on that animal. Then he specifically told them not to do the Screaming Mandrakes because of an experience he had when he was in first year.

She started telling about how Albus Potter and Rose Weasley started to giggle, then laugh uncontrollably.

"Alright, alright, settle down. I know that you guys know about that. Gonna have to get back at Harry and Ron," Prof. Longbottom had said, then he got a little more serious, "I really hope you don't tell anybody. I mean, it wasn't that bad." he added with a grin.

"No one can get Albus or Rose to tell. I'm gonna ask Albus' brother, the seventh year James Potter Jr., if he knows." said Mary Ann.

"I bet you won't get it out of him. Prof. Longbottom must have told him to secrecy too." pointed out Hilly.

"Well, he always plays jokes and breaks the rules. Maybe I can squirm it out of him. Maybe all the seventh years already know!" Mary Ann exclaim, wide eyed.

"Right." replied Hilly.

"Did you see how glum Professor Binns was today?" asked Haley Finnigan who was seated at the right of Hilly.

"He is always glum, and boring." said Hilly, emphasizing the last words.

"Well, a ghost doesn't look that sad." replied Haley. "I mean, it was different."

"I agree." said Mary Ann. "Even his aura seemed gloomy."

"Now that you mention it. He did seem droopy." The three friends laughed a bit.

"Look, there's Ablus now. And Scorpious." said Haley.

Indeed it was them. They was striding toward them. They averted their eyes as they passed them. Hilly felt Albus' being and her heart skipped a beat. This was the school famous Albus Potter. The one who had overcome the Demon of Lairton in first year. The one who had defeated the Ukrainian Ironbelly Dragon in second year. AND he found the Lost Room of Requirment which held the broken Lost Diadem of Ravenclaw which had been taking over the Muggleborns at Hogwarts.

After he passed they looked back up again and saw him exit the Great Hall.

"Where do you think he's going?" asked Hilly.

"Probably to the Common Room." said Mary Ann.

"I gotta go. Professor Slughorn gave a lot of homework for my Potions class." lied Hilly.

"Okay." said Mary Ann and Haley. "We will be up in a while."

Hilly got up and hurried out of the Great Hall. She made a right hand turn and sped walked to the stairs that would lead to Gryffindor Tower.

Hilly watched as Albus and Scorpious climbed all the stairs and made a sharp left turn. You wouldn't know it was there unless you looked closely. All Gryffindors knew where it was. Few students from other Houses had found the secret passage in decades.

Hilly followed. She made another right turn. There was a large painting of a fat lady in a pink dress. It was closing as it came into view.

"Oh, you just missed them, dear. Password?" said the Fat Lady.

"Hogwash." said Hilly out of breath.

"Very well." and the painting swung open.

A vast room with a fire place in the middle revealed itself. There was a big window at the far corner and a wide wooden desk at every corner in the room.

Hilly caught a glance of Albus' and Scorpious' robes asending the stairs. Creeping up she slowly watched as they turned the corner at the top of the stairs and vanished into their dorm.

Something told Hilly to just barge into their room. But something stronger in her brain said to get to her own dorm and start on Professor Longbottom's essay.

Hilly listened to her mind and trudged into her room.

From the moment him and Scorpious left the Great Hall, he knew they were being followed. Albus didn't risk any glances because she might see him.

Albus and Scorpious stood at the painting of the Fat Lady. "Hogwash." said Scorpious.

"Close quickly please." added Albus.

"If you wish." said the Fat Lady.

The two friends hurried up the stairs into their dormitories. They shut the door and looked through the peep hole. A girl with brunette hair came up the stairs. She looked around. The girl had hazel colored eyes. She stopped looking and went up to the girl dormitories.

"Do you know her?" asked Scorpious after they sat down on the beds.

"I've seen her around. Don't know her personally." replied Albus.

"Me neither. I think she's in my Potions and Defense Against the Dark Arts classes, but none others. I think her name is, like, Hilly Brown or something." said Scorpious.

They sat on the beds for a while, thinking. 'What did that girl want?' wondered Albus. After four years he should know everyone in his year and House. Just then Kalum Finnigan and Ryan Chase came into the dormitory.

"Sup!" said Kalum.

"Yo!" said Ryan.

"Hey." replied Albus and Scorpious.

"What'cha doing?" asked Ryan.

"Thinking." said Scorpious.

"'Bout what?" asked Kalum.

"A girl." replied Albus.

"Oooh! Who is she? What does she look like? Please don't tell me you like a Slytherin!" asked Ryan hyperly.

"Okay, lets get things clear." started Scorpious. "We don't like her.We barely know who the heck she is. I think it is Hilly Brown-"

"Her?" said Kalum.

"Yes her. She was following us up to the tower." said Albus.

"Dude," said Kalum, "She probably likes you."

"Or Scorpious." added Ryan.

"Shut up." said Scorpious.

"HEY EVERYONE! HILLY BROWN LIKES SOMEONE!" said Ryan in his most obnoxious tone, not really yelling.

They all burst out laughing. They stopped, thought about it and fell off the beds.

"What was that fo-" started Kalum.

"Shh! Listen!" commanded Scorpious, ears to the floor. "I think there is a party going on in the Common Room!"

All of them put their ears to the floor. Albus heard booming and loud music. They all rushed downstairs, jumping the steps two at a time.

As Scorpius had said, there was some type of party.

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