Just Another Stroy Rooming With Hot Vampires

Haven. Yeah she's a new girl, at a new school, with new people she doesn't even know. But when the school doesn't have enough room to fit her in with the girls, she has to room with 3 HOT guys as her room mates!!! Ryan and Danny seem fine, but when it comes to Aaron, things do NOT mix well.

Rooming with 3 hot guys with 1 of them hating your guts, it's pretty good. But rooming with 3 super cool vampires, even BETTER. ;D

(*note i will try and find picture that look like the characters!!!)

Chapter 1


by: torment
“Do you really have to go?” Emily, who had been my best friend since kindergarten, whined before giving me another hug. She was almost as tall as me, though we looked nothing alike. She had long, straight, blonde hair that went to her chest and bangs, where as my hair was dark, wavy, and only fell to about my shoulders.

“Yes,” I almost cried. “But I'll call you everyday. I promise.” I wiped the tears from my eyes before they could smear my makeup. We were at the San Francisco International Airport, by my gate, which was starting to board my flight to New York. I was really going to miss Emily, who had been there with me through my parents divorce, my first kiss, countless breakups, and so much more, as I had been there for her.

“Alright, you have to go; I'm really going to miss you, Haven.” She said before pulling me into one final and very tight hug.

I was sitting first class on the plane; the seats were comfortable and I had lots of room to spread out. Though my mother had paid for TV, all the food I wanted and many other luxuries, I still got bored. I started to listen to my ipod, but it ran out of battery so I put it back in my purse. I drifted off to sleep and seemingly seconds later, I felt a gentle hand shaking my arm.

“We're here, Hon.” An elderly flight attendant with a kind face said sweetly. I smiled at her and got up before exiting the plane and going to find my bags. Through the many windows I could see the dark sky outside. I pulled out my cell phone and dialed my mother’s number.

“Hello?” She answered on the second ring.

“Hey mom…”

“Oh hey baby, I've been waiting forever for you to call me. How was your flight?”

“It was fine; did you call for a car?” I asked her, hoping she didn’t forget.

“Yeah, it should be waiting for you outside.”

“Alright. I have to go, I'll call you sometime soon, Love you mom.”

“I Love you too honey, good luck at your new school.” I hung up and started walking to the exit. As promised, a long black limo awaited me outside. The driver, a large bald man dressed in a black suit, was holding a sign that said Mason. He opened the door as I got in the car before walking around to the driver's side and getting in himself. It was going to be a long drive and I was surprised to find myself exhausted, even after the long nap on the plane. I fell asleep again and I woke up when the limo pulled to a stop. I was at a hotel, where I would stay tonight until we finish the drive to my school tomorrow.

I woke up in the morning, shaking from the dream I had just stopped having. I couldn’t remember what it was, but I knew it had terrified me. All I could remember was that there had been lots of blood. I got up and walked to the shower, setting the water temperature to as hot as it would go. I sighed in relief as I let the scolding water work out all the tension in my back and shoulders. After washing my hair and shaving, I wrapped a towel around me like a dress and walked to one of my suitcases. I had not brought all my cloths from back home, but my mother had given me enough money to buy a whole new wardrobe in New York. I pulled out my favorite jeans, a long white tank top, a long sleeved blue shirt to go over the tank top, and a cute assortment of necklaces.

After getting dressed, I pulled my hair back into a pony tail and then decided against it, letting my hair fall back down to my shoulders. I put on some eyeliner and mascara before packing my bag again and going downstairs to wait for the driver.

We pulled up to a huge building that looked more like a mansion than it did a school. It was all brick and the whole thing, including the garden, forest and small lake that surrounded it, had to be spread over at least ten acres. I went through the front doors, hoping to find the office. Inside looked just as extravagant as the outside did. All the furniture was antique and there was a huge crystal chandelier that hung above you when you walked in. I walked to where a friendly looking lady with wildly curly brown hair was sitting behind a priceless mahogany desk.

“Umm… I'm a new student here.” Really, what else was I supposed to say? I just got here and I need help with the whole new student thingy, so . . . I'm NOT going to say that!

“What's your name?” she asked me, her voice surprisingly high.

“Haven Mason.” She smiled and started rummaging through a filing cabinet.

“Here it is.” She holds up my file triumphantly. “This is your schedule.” She hands me a piece of paper. I look it over, English lit, gym, art and design, calculus, German and history, nothing I haven’t had before.

“Alright, your dorm room is number 210. It’s on the second floor so just go up that staircase there.” She pointed to a brown, carpeted staircase in the corner of the room. “Here is your key, if you lose it just share one of your roommates keys until we can get you a new one.” I groaned internally. Being an only child, I have never had to share a room before and I wasn't looking forward to it. I smile at the secretary and tell her thanks before walking up the stairs, my suitcase in tow behind me. I reach the door, unlock it and turn around, my mouth falling open in shock, and then horror. Standing, in various positions throughout the room, were three gorgeous guys.

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