A Poem

by A. R. McIntyre

Chapter 1


Let's dance, it's a ball.
But I'm tired, I'm numb.
Don't worry, we'll carry you if you fall.
What's happening, what have I become?
An emotionless mask.
This isn't how it was supposed to go down.
Forget the past, focus on the main task.
No. Please no more. I'm slipping under, I'm sure I'll drown.
Sink or swim, doesn't matter to us either way.
But your the ones who are supposed to take care of me.
Your worthless, useless, you only get in the way.
Why can't things go right? What do you want me to be?

Be just like us. Pretend, don't show what you feel.
But why? What's the point? What's the reason?
None, but why should you get to cry when we aren't even real.
So I just fade, become less and less with each passing season?
Yes, and in due time, the emotions you hide will fade.
But what if I want them their? To make sure I'm alive.
No, that isn't your right, that's not how you were made.
So I just wear a mask? Join in on the masquerade?

I wear a mask more often than not.
To have real emotions is something I've forgot.
When I take off this mask, it's strange and I feel so angry.
I'm sad and I want to scream, so very desperately.
But I contain my rage.
I don't break free from this cage.
I can't save myself, not today.
I wont ever have my own way.

It's a dance! It's a ball!
It's a masquerade!
Have fun, enjoy the show.
It's time to start the party, everyone:
Masks on!
Don't tell them who you are.
That's breaking the rules.
Don't let them see you face.
That just wont do.
So have fun. Dance, mingle.
But inside everyone is dying.
Even if just a little.
So Don't go crying about it.
Don't worry anyone with your problems.
They have they're own.
Just dance. Follow the beat.
That's all you can do.
Don't cry or scream, just smile.


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