A Poem

by A. R. McIntyre

Chapter 1


Strong... Not anymore.
I'm breaking, fading.
I've fallen, can't get off the floor.
And I feel my tears cascading.
Because I'm so fragile.
My opens wounds have become fatal.

Opening my eyes, I see everyone around.
I can tell what they expect, but I get off the ground.
And even though my chest weighs me down.
Every burden, pound by pound.

They're waiting for me to break.
To crumble and fail.
They're handing me more than I can take.
Yet I wont derail.

My path is set, yet they add more to it.
They look down the road I took, waiting to see my head hit.
But I wont, can't fall. I need to be strong.
Even if it's not all that long.

I'm not strong, not they way everyone wants me to be.
I can barely carry my own weight, don't add to my misery.
I am weak, but I have enough strength to admit it.
So please, just let up. Even a little bit.

I'm tired from carrying everyone's burden.
I'm so drained. I'm sure I'll fall any second. It's wont be sudden.
I'll crash to the floor, no longer in the way.
As I watch them all laugh and walk away.

I will carry this weight, farther than I should.
When will my breaking point be?
So I can give up the act, I'm sure I could.
But I don't know when it will come,
Maybe it's already happened, can't you see?
Maybe that's why I always feel so numb.

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