give a little get a lot (scrn's contest and mj's christmas thingy lol0

name-sky age-18

Chapter 1

happy bithday

by: sexypooks
It was Saturday afternoon and the weather was nice out. Two birds tapped on my window and I rush over letting in them hoping to get some inspiration. They flew in circles in my room then back out again. With a heavy sigh i went back to my task at hand...finishing my gift for my best friend in the world. It was so hard to figure out on what to do for him. I mean what do you give to the guy who has everything!!! The only think i could think of was something that meant a lot to me. But that didn't really help because I’m a person who's really in touch with my inner self…Or whatever and everything means a lot to me. I grab a brush and closed my eyes imaging our favorite color...purple. The idea finally came to me i popped my eyes open with a big smile and got to work.
There was a big party for Seth’s 19th birthday. And so far the party was going really well. I had on a purple and pink dress and pretty purple and pink wooden peace necklace and earing set he bought for my birthday 2 months ago. And to make even better when Seth opened the door he had a nice tuxedo with a purple tie. The party was a lot of fun. And there were a lot of people there because Seth lives in a really big house. Everything was purple and pink it’s like I read his mine when I picked out the outfit. Seth’s came downs stairs with FACE PAINT!!! I was dying with laughter; I mean it’s a 19’s year old party! But Seth was really cool about it. he didn’t get mad at his mom or anything. Instead he ignored the snickers the guys sent is way and dragged me over to his mom and he got a pink and purple peace mark on his right cheek!!! It looked really nice on him.
That night I sung stereo hearts to him and played on my pink acoustic guitar. Everybody loved and when I was finished Seth gave me the biggest hug ever. "So was that was my birthday gift cause if it is that’s was the best gift ever! "He squeezed me really hard. "Can’t…oh god…Too tight too tight "I breathed when he decided to let me go and gave a big smile witch he returned with his goofy one. ”Nope …this is your present” I pulled a long flat present with a purple background wrapping paper with pink peace marks all over it. I put a nice pink ribbon on it with two purple present ribbons on it. his eyes grew wide with excitement "what is it? "He asked taking it from my hand. I giggle "open it and find out". He pulled out side and we sat on a bench. I watched closely as he unwrapped; waiting to see if he liked it. the wrapping floated to the ground next to the puddle ribbons. He held it and fingered my painting reading the words carefully .A/N Here’s the link to the painting (
"Wow this is your best painting yet and I really like the poem thanks....but i think you should had put boy friend instead of best friend" he turned me smiling the without warning kissed me. It was a good night: D.
A few months later I visited an aids camp and sung stereo hearts to the little kids. they really liked it and I shared lots of my poems with I taught them a lot stuff… and seemed happy to spend time with me. You’re probably wondering what this has to do with the original story. Well… Seth’s uncle is a producer and he heard preformed so he’s getting me all kinds of gigs but I really wanted to do on there. Not only did that happen but Seth’s mom is a designer and one of her clients owns the Sunshine Museums. When she saw the painting she wanted to put it in her art gallery!!! But of course me and Seth wouldn’t let her so I had to paint a new one ;which I am no working on. And now that I’m all famous I decided that charity work was best so not only o I spend time at the aids camp but also at the school for deft kids. Lot more people started pitching in too now that miss talented with the hot wealthy bf is all in to helping out the community. So that’s me story of how I gave a little and got a lot…….


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