The Way I Do [Dylan Saunders]

Chapter 1

What a Weird Day

"Do we really have to sing Happy Birthday to this kid?" Ryan groaned as Marti walked back in and reported that it was a birthday.

"Come on, Ryan, get in the spirit." Dylan Saunders said pleasantly, slapping him on the back as he passed with a platter of chicken in his hands.

"I hate this restaurant." Ryan muttered, wiping down the counter and then throwing the wipe into the sink, "Let's get this over with."

"One more year closer to death." Ryan's recent best friend, Maddie, muttered darkly as she passed him. She was scowling. Ryan smirked, "True."

Dylan delivered the platter of chicken and quickly shuffled over to the table where the kid's birthday was.

"We heard today was a national holiday." Dylan told the family warmly. The little boy looked up with big brown eyes, a smile stretching across his whole face.

Dylan smirked and Marti, Ryan, and some other waiters began to sing for the little boy. He clapped as they sang and his family smiled.

As Dylan sang with his friends, he noticed the boy's older sister. She's a looker. Dylan thought to himself, and he found himself skipping a beat on accident. He blushed scarlet, and quickly got back in rhythm.

She had big blue eyes, and wavy brunette hair to her elbow. She had a nice, beginning-of-summer tan like everyone else at this point. She sang along softly to her brother's birthday song, yet she still looked deeply troubled, sad. She wore jean shorts and a pure blue bikini top.

After the song, Marti waited the table, and Dylan returned to his tables. He noticed the older sister from Marti's table get up with her phone. She went outside and Dylan got curious.

He nonchalantly strolled out the back for his break, taking out a cigarette. He walked around the front to see her crying and yelling on the phone. He flinched as he saw what was going on inside her eyes. Pain.

He could hardly make out the words she was yelling, her voice thick with tears. Dylan slowly walked up to her, and she didn't notice.

Her brunette hair covered her eyes as she looked down at the ground, leaning against the wall.

She finally threw her phone onto the ground, and looked up sighing. She noticed Dylan and grimly smiled, but Dylan saw how fake it was.

He handed her a cigerette. She chuckled after a moment, taking it, and he lit it for her. They didn't speak. Dylan slowly crouched down and handed her the phone. She smiled grimly, "T-thanks."

"Your welcome...I'm Dylan." He spoke softly, with kindness as if to not frighten her. She nodded once, "Ally."

Dylan smiled, "How are you, Ally?" She looked towards the ground again, sensing a new conversation on a topic she didn't want to hear.

"I have to get back to my family." She smoked once, tossed it on the ground, and crushed it with her sandal's toe.

"You're a good singer." Ally then complimented him, and she went back inside, clutching her phone in her hand. Dylan stared after her, disappointed.

You made some connection. Dylan tried to tell himself.


"Maddie!" Dylan exclaimed, and she turned from leaving the restaurant. Her eyes flashed darker than the usual deep blue, "What?"

"Why are you always so negative?" He said after a moment of hesitation. She scowled, "I'm not. You're too positive." She put her hand on the door, but he called her again, "Maddie!"

She snarled, "What?" She didn't turn to face him.

"You weren't always this negative. You never hung out with Ryan this much. What happened?" Dylan could tell he was getting under her skin.

Ever since his encounter with Ally, he had been in a daze for the rest of the day. Now it was closing time, 9:00, and his mind turned acute when he remembered he had to solve Maddie's new anger.

"Nothing happened. I'm fine." She spat, and she pushed the door open. She walked over to her car, and Dylan stood outside the restaurant, "I know you're not."

She turned around from her spot by her car. She looked at him, her head tilted. The summer air was still warm. A light breeze shifted her hair.

Maddie just looked at him, as if trying to comprehend his behaviour. Dylan waited for her to reply. She soon shook her head and got in her car. She sped away without a backward glance.

Dylan sighed, watching her go. Would he ever understand Maddie? Even when they were close, he couldn't. She was bipolar, he knew that, but Maddie had turned negative for a month now.

He slowly walked back inside and closed up. After that, he went back to thinking about Ally as he drove home, to Starkid Manor.

The lights were all on. Dylan sighed as he thought about how Jim would probably be playing his XBox, eating his fruit bowl, Brian would be playing Guitar Hero in the other room, and Nick would be colouring. Matt, being the only sane one, would hopefully be asleep.

He pulled into their garage and he could hear Brian and Jim both playing Guitar Hero. Great. Just great. How would he eat his taco in peace and then go to sleep? He groaned as he stepped out of his car and walked slowly into the madhouse.

The music boomed from their living room as Brian and Jim worked out their hands playing their guitars. Dylan sighed and tried his best to avoid any communication with them as he ventured into their kitchen.

He quickly heated up his taco from last night and began to chomp down on it as Jim walked in, roared in rage at the sight of a taco, and left the room.

Dylan rolled his eyes.
What a weird day.


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