who will you marry(part 72)

Chapter 1

Garden at midnight

You placed your hand in his, as he grabbed your hand gently grabbed your hand pulling u off the dance floor and into the crowd with him. You followed him as he hurried through a group of nobles, only to come within inches of one of the mercenary soldiers, causing u to stumble almost falling to the ground as you nearly cry out when he caught u by the arm helping u stand, u glanced up at Michael only to find him Smiling at you with those handsome blue eyes. You moved closer to him as he wrapped his arm around your shoulder guiding u through the hallway to the garden outside. It was just about empty, you and him had encountered only a few people in your hurry outside into the garden where the moon was full casting a silvery glow upon everything it touched.

Michael had been so intent on making sure of getting u safety that u had dared not disturb his concentration with all the questions that flowed through your mind. Do you think they were here for me? A frown marred his handsome face before shaking his head saying, I don’t know. Placing a hand upon his upper arm looking into his eyes, did u sense anything unusual or strong powers? You were becoming frightened too as you sat down on a wooden bench in the garden trying to collect yourself, for he seemed as if he had two people inside of him, one that was totally naïve to the dangers around him as he stared blankly into space, while the other gave you a concerned look that lit a spark of warmth inside you making you think everything would be okay.

He still looked handsome, in his spotless white and gold jacket, the cut made him look average but you knew there were muscles hidden under it as your fingers gently explored his chest feeling the strength and calmness emanating from him. Bring his focus back to you, he seems calm down as he whispers yes, I felt power but I was not sure where it was coming from but it felt malicious. Maybe… I was just paranoid “I wish…” He took a deep breath and sighed it out as he straightened up, reminding himself who he was. “I am sorry that we had to leave. I could have danced all night with you. Turning to leave, but u grabbed his arm gently but firmly. Looking back over his shoulder to find you smiling warmly back at him saying we can still finish our dance if u wish, here he murmurs but we have no music. Moving closer to him you smile reassuringly up at him saying we don’t need any music.

His hands moved of their own accord, claiming your waist as their prize and pulling you to him until your body was curved against his. You took a deep breath, trying not to let your nerves show when his fingers splayed out against your back, holding you flush against him. You rested your hand on his shoulder. You couldn’t take your eyes away from his. Something about seeing him in this protective mode stirred a heady mix of feelings inside of you that felt as though they were going to carry you away. It felt dangerous and mysterious. You started when his hand caught yours, his fingers wrapping tightly around it and showing you that he wasn’t going to easily let you go. You moved at the same time as he did, a slow waltz to the silent rhythm of the night. You realized that back at the palace it hadn’t been the music that had made you feel as though you were floating on air. It had been him. Something about being in his arms made you feel as though you were floating. you smiled up at him and saw his eyes drop to your pink lips. Your gaze followed his example and you stared at his mouth, watching him wet his lips. Anticipation built inside of you as the tempo of their dance increased.

He turned with you, making the whole world disappear until all you could hear was the sound of their boots on the road. Your breathing stilled when he leaned towards you, his cheek brushing against yours and his hand pressing harder into your back, forcing your chest against his. You stared at the stars above as they spun. Your lips parted when he pressed a kiss to your neck and you didn’t notice that your dancing was slowing; everything seemed to be speeding up to a blur. your hand left his shoulder and slipped over his neck. He moaned into your throat while he brushed his lips against your skin. Your eyes fell shut and the hand that was holding his was suddenly empty. You bit your lip when you felt his arm wrap around you, his hand coming to rest on your backside. You realized u had stopped dancing and he was just kissing your neck now, his mouth moving in tantalizing patterns against your soft flesh. As you wonder if he would have been so bold if u and him had remained in the castle, Trailing your hands down to his chest, you pushed him backwards and found eyes full of warmth and love staring into hers.

You frantically pulled him against you and his arm tightened around your waist. He released your hand and began to dance with you again, his body molding against yours and his movements fluid. Only, you weren’t dancing any more. Your feet weren’t moving. He was holding you off the ground, spinning with you wrapped in his pale white wings and making your giddiness become dizziness. your head fell backwards and you stared at the black sky above them, your lips open in a silent laugh as you smiled at the mixed emotions going through u. you swore you could hear music as u and Michael continued to turn, clinging to each other in a passionate embrace. The sounds of the night seemed to make a tune when combined with the echo of Michael’s boots along the dark gravely garden path. You could hear the fountains in the garden, the distant carriages and the insects and all the creatures of the night .You closed your eyes and lost yourself in it, your body going limp in his strong arms while you focused on the sounds and the feeling of Michael’s gentle kisses. You sighed when he lowered you so your feet were touching the ground again and pressed one final kiss to your neck. you didn’t know what to say when you opened your eyes and stared into his. “I…” He started but dropped his gaze to rest on the floor. Then a piercing shriek fills the air before dieing away, he looks to you deep concern in his eyes. Stay here his quickly handing u his jacket, but I…. you start he cuts you off placing his fingers under your chin lifting your face to his kissing your lips softly making ur heart skip a beat. Clamping your mouth shut your words fail u, as u nod
As he runs back into the castle, screams coming from the castle fill the air, and the darkness seems to be closing in on you.

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