i love you a christian beadles love story 31 Part 1

Hey! Sorry i havent updated in months. Lifes crazy! So here is another chapter. Part 1 out of 2. I think its pretty long. Um i know people arent going to read it like they use to becuz it has been so long but here ya go. I have the next year of the story planned out so here ya go. I just need to write. Hope yall dont hate me! Bahaha

Chapter 1

Christmas Shopping!!!

Camille's pov
The next few days went by fast. Christian and I got some alone time together, which we spent cuddling or having a make out session. There were a few days where i didnt get to see him. I mean i thought i was here for him. Right now its December 21, 2010. Tomorrow is the family party at the Beadles. Tomorrow is also the day i meet his family. Im so nervous right now.
"Hey Camille, Christian isnt here do you want to go shopping for christmas stuff. Caitlin asked, knocking on the opened door.
"Sure! I need to go out and get some stuff still." i said smiling closing my song book.
I got up and walked to my closet. I grabbed a pair of my favorite shoes and slipped them on. I was wearing jeans, a long ocean blue flowy top and a juicy black jacket that went down to my knees.
"Okay. Im ready to go." i said grabbing my purse and sunglasses.
"Alright. Lets go."

We walked to her garage and i saw her white hummer. I love her hummer because it reminds me of old times. Well i havent been in it yet but i have been in her mothers hummer before.

Once we got to the mall, we parked and got out.
"Hey Camille, what are you getting Christian for christmas?" caitlin asked turning to look at me.
"Well, after we got back together i called up Tyler and told him to pick up something i ordered in Los Angeles. He is flying out tomorrow with his family for Christmas. So i am meeting up with him. But im hoping to get some stuff today as well." i said smiling, thinking about christian.
"Aw. You guys are so cute together." caitlin gushed.
I just blushed.

"Hey what about this shirt?" caitlin asked holding up a green flowy top.
We were shopping for Mrs. Beadles christmas gift right now.
"Nice! I love it. I can see her wearing that." i said looking for the right size.
"Perfect. What else did you say you wanted to get her?"
"some jewerly for sure." i said walking to the cashier.

"That will be 48.50 please." the cashier named Suzie said.
I pulled out two 20s and a 10 and gave it to her.
She gave me my change and said thanks.

Once we got out of that place we stopped and figured out where we wanted to go to next.
"How about we go to the jewerly shop next door to Forever21. My mom loves there jewerly." caitlin asked me.
"Sweet. Lets go." i said
i turned and was shocked what i saw.
I saw Christian fooling around with his friends.
"I thought he was at the movies?" i said still looking at him.
"Yeah. Well i guess the movie ended. Sometimes the parent driving is late." caitlin told me.

We started walking the opposite way from him towards the jewerly shop. We passed a few shops and i saw a two story Juicy store. Caitlin was eyeing it.
"Are you sure you have my gift" caitlin asked still eyeing the storing.
"Yes. Caitlin i do." i lied. I didnt have it yet. I wanted to go to that store and buy her something but i didnt want to get her something while she was with me.

Once we got there we started looking around. I found a necklace in a glass case but didnt tell Caitlin about it.
"Hey, Camille" caitlin started "I kinda need to use the bathroom. Ill be right back, okay."
"okay. You know its going to take at least 10 minutes to use the restroom right!"
"well yeah. I mean it almost Christmas. People are doing last minute shopping. Drinking starbucks. Then have to use the restroom. Now i have to go"
i laughed and watched as she paced her walking. I turned back around and saw the necklace again.
I saw someone that worked there and asked if i could see it.
It was a very unique kind of necklace.
"Actually, this necklace comes in a set of a matching bracelet, earrings and the necklace. Would you like to see it?" the salesman asked.
"Yes thank you." i responded.
He showed me it and i fell in love with it. Sandi is going to love it i thought.
"I love it. How much is it?" i asked.
"138.90, miss. Would you like to buy it? he said.
"Yes but can i come back in five minutes. My friend left and i still need to buy her gift before she comes back."
"yes. Ill be waiting"
"thanks" i said and rushed out. I ran to Juicy and looked around. I saw this stunning necklace and matching charm bracelet. I asked a sales person to get it for me.
I bought it and stuck it in my other bag where i had mr. and Mrs. Beadles gifts.
I ran back to the other shop and went straight to the man i was going to buy it from.
"Well, that was fast" he said smirking a little.
"What was fast?" i heard someone ask behind me.
I turned around and saw Caitlin.
"Oh um which set i like better for your mom." i stuttered.
"Oh cool. Good pick my mom loves green." she said smiling at it.
I smiled and turned back around.
"So how much was it again?"
"okay. Ill get it."
He rang it up and gave it to me. I paid and we left.

we started walking back to the location where we came from and saw the shop Tiffany & co.
"Hey! Lets go in here!" caitlin said grabbing my arm.
"Caitlin i cant keep spending money like this."
"hey! We will only look then okay!"
"Okay" i mumbled.

We walked and started looking around and a necklace caught my eye. It had a pretty design and it read Love in fancy letters. It looked pretty expensive but it really caught my eye.
"Okay camille im ready to go." Caitlin said appearing out of no where.
I sighed and we left the store.

Christians POV
the movie got out and Davids mom was 30 minutes ago so we went to the mall that was connected to the movies to look around.
We planned on messing around for the 30 minutes. All the other guys left except for me and david since david is taking me home. We walked past Juicy and i saw a camille with caitlin. They stopped and caitlin said something to camille and she looked at the store they were in front of and they went inside. It was Tiffany & co. I stopped which made David stop as well.
"What are you doing?" David asked
"waiting for what? My mother? Because she isnt another 10 minutes away." David asked annoyed.
I just rolled my eyes at him. I saw camille was staring at something in a glass case and saw her sigh and walk out with Caitlin.
I started walking again faster to get inside of Tiffany & co.
"Oh so now you walk, more like run if you ask me." David mumbled. "Hey! Wait up for me." While i took off into the store.
I wait straight to the lady who was eyeing camille earlier.
"excuse me. But there was two girls that came in here a few moments ago. What was the girl standing over there looking at." i asked pointing to where Camille was just a few moments ago.
"Um. This necklace i think." the lady said walking towards the case showing me a necklace that read Love on it.
It was beautiful. No wonder camille loved it so much.
"Wow. What is going on, Christian? Did you get another girlfriend. Cuz that would have been very fast cuz just like 2 weeks ago you were crying your eyes out saying how bad you are and stuff!" David said rambling on.
"Shut up!" i said looking at him. "How much is it?" i asked the lady.
"400" she said. "It was oringinally 800 but its now 400."
I snapped a picture and sent it to caitlin asking if this was what camille was looking at.
"So who is she?" david asked.
"Who is who?"
"the new girlfriend? Wait is it Alyssa? Oh boy if Camille found out she wound be pissed." david said skaing his head.
"Well, actually im dating Camille again."
"what! Since when?" david said sounding shocked.
"Since like a week and a half ago when i told you but you probably ingored me." i said.
I turned to the lady and said hold on a minute please.
"Okay." she said slighty amused at Davids and I's conversation.
my phone beeped and i grabbed it.
1 new text from Caitlin :-O
Yeah. That is the one. Were you watching us? Bad boy! What about the other gift?

I hit responsed

whatever and thankx. I know she will love it and yeah i am going to give the other one to her.

I then called my mother

"hey mom!"
"hey Christian. How is everything?"
"good. Um i was wondering if you could pay for one of Camilles gift?"
"i thought you got her a gift already."
" well yeah i did but i saw her looking at some jewerly with Caitlin and left empty handed. I just sent a picture to caitlins phone asking her if this was the necklace she was looking at. She said yeah. Hey ill send you a picture right now."
i put her on speaker and sent her a picture.
"Did you get it mom?"
"Um hold on. Yeah i did-wow! Thats beautiful! I love it. She will love it. Where did you find it and how much is it?"
"Um thats where it becomes tricky. Im standing inside of Tiffany & co. right now." i said biting my lip.
"Oh. Um well how much is it?" she said sounding nervous.
"Um well its on sale. Its 800 dollars." i heard my mother gasp. "But now its only 400 dollars." i said quickly.
"Christian! Are you sure. I mean it says love on it. Do you know what kind of message that is sending towards her." she questioned me.
I blushed a deep red.
"Yeah. I know." i said awkwardly. I heard David snicker. I gave him a glare. I knew he could hear everything.


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