your not a monster your human(gaara love story)

your not a monster your human(gaara love story)

Name : kiyo atamaki
Age :13 years old
Birthday :may 24
Surviving Relatives :twin brother (kito atamaki), cousin (ichago)
Story : you were so sweet and were loved by everyone in the hidden cloud day your cousin attacked the village to the point where no one was don't know where your brother is or where yourcousin is.sense age six you've been alone and feared by the world because of the demon sealed inside you from birth!

Chapter 29

Running with the speed of the night...

by: _Terbear_
Kiyo's pov

Me and Gaara were running as fast as we could from the secruity ninja that was guarding the area. "What do we do now?" Gaara asked me trying to keep up. "Hell I don't know..."I said laughing. "I thought you had a plan?" He yelled. I shrugged and kept running. "I have plans im just figuring out as I go." I said breathing hard. I glanced up at the cloudy night sky and smiled. ''Perfect!'' I thought. I slowed my pase and ran behind Gaara. I jumped on his gore and sat in the gape between his back and the sand pot. "What are you doing?" He yelled over the rushing speed of the air,wooshing trying to match our speed. I smirked.

"Keep running! I have an idea that will get them off of our backs." I said focusing on the ninja behind us. "I wish you would get off of my back.You plus the sand pot is heavy." He said. I rolled my eyes. "Shut up! You need the excise anyways! Trust me I got this,just run damnit!" I said making handsigns.

"Ok." He said."Release!" I yelled. It started to rain. I smirked. "Gaara don't freak out just ignore the lightning." I said making handsigns again. "The what?!" He shouted over the rain. I raised my hand and summoned lightning.When lightning struck my hand,I used chakra to collect it. When I had enough I shaped my hand like I was holding a bow and arrow. "Come on..." I said focusing. About a minute later lighting appeared in my hands shaped like a bow. I smiled. "OH YEAH!" I shouted.

I used chakra to make a thunder arrow. I smiled and pulled on the sparking string. I aimed and locked on my target. I made six other clones running behind Gaara backwards,each with their own lightning bow. I smirked. "Oh Gaara we might fly back so be prepared." I informed him. I waited for all the clones to aim.
When they were done I focused my chakra to the max."Ninja Art: Seven ways to die." I yelled. Everyone of me released the arrows into a giant blast.

There was a bright flash of light that was extremely bright. The massive impact sent me and Gaara flying the oppisite direction. I closed my eyes and felt myself flying through the tree breaking most in half. I have no idea where Gaara landed but I found myself on top of a fallen tree.

I coughed up some blood and slowly sat up. "Ow...." I groaned. I Looked around. I was surrounded by destroyed trees and broken well, everything.

"Gaara!" I called. I got of the tree and looked around. I suddenly spotted him pulling himself out of the river. "Hey!" I said running over to him. I helped him out and smiled. "We did it!" I said hugging him. He hugged me back and looked around. "Wow..." He said. I smirked. "Your bleeding..." He said looking back at me. I let him go and looked at my stomache. I smiled.

"Im ok..but that jutsu was so awesome!!" I yelled. He smiled alittle.
"It was" He agreed. "Wow and it was my first time using it!" I said proudly.
"Wait you never used it?" he asked.


"Then how did you know it was gonna work?" He asked.I smiled. "I didn't.I thought hey It might work,so I gave it a try."

"You risked our lives on a might! What if it didn't work?" He almost yelled.

"um...Get killed my ninja I guess." I said smiling. He stared at me for a couple of seconds then he started to laugh.

"The one time I thought you we're actually being smart and usuing your brain,But really your just a lucky fool."He said. I rolled my eyes. "Hey watch it sandyboy! And what do you mean by that!" I yelled. He laughed alittle harder this time. "Your the very oppisite of a strategist.You know,people who use their brain." He said. "Hey!" I yelled.

He laughed and stood up. "Well lets go back to the leaf before we get caught again." He said. The rain I created faded until it was gone. I smiled and looked up at the bright moon above us. ''Im actually going home'' I thought to myself. "Oh and since when do you facepalm people Gaara?" I asked. He smirked. "Just something I picked up while you was trapped for a month." He said. I laughed and followed him with my hands behind my head. "Speaking of that im sorry..." He said turning my way. "...If I walked you there this wouldn't have happened." He said. I smiled. "It's ok Gaara you would have been caught too or worse killed. So im glad you wasnt there. Its not your fault anyways." He smiled. I yawned and stretched. "Im im lightheaded." I said holding my head. I looked at my gray shirt. My whole stomache was covered with blood. Gaara looked me worried.

"You lost alot of blood!" He told me. ''I think one of those tree branches went through me.'' I thought. Before I fell Gaara caught me and picked me up bridal style. I remember staring at his face fading in and out. "Come on stay with me..." Is the last thing I herd Gaara say.

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