your not a monster your human(gaara love story)

your not a monster your human(gaara love story)

Name : kiyo atamaki
Age :13 years old
Birthday :may 24
Surviving Relatives :twin brother (kito atamaki), cousin (ichago)
Story : you were so sweet and were loved by everyone in the hidden cloud day your cousin attacked the village to the point where no one was don't know where your brother is or where yourcousin is.sense age six you've been alone and feared by the world because of the demon sealed inside you from birth!

Chapter 27

Song of sorrow...tears of pain.

by: _Terbear_
kiyo's p.o.v

I laughed sadly at myself as I watched my toes wiggle."It's okay...I shouldn't cry. This is so Gaara could live. He just have to learn how to let me go...I'm sure he can find another girl to fall in love with." I thought of some pass time I could do.I'm not allowed out until my demon takes over from sadness or anger.

"My mother calls out to us...singing a song of the earth. Her melodies will teach us...truths beyond this life." I sang. It was the song my dad use to sing to me to put to sleep. I lied down on my side."Many will not hear her call...choosing to close their hearts. The truths be told in music...silence loaths them all." I suddenly saw flashbacks before my very eyes. I lied on my back and closed my eyes. "...and though my journey is long, and my sacrifices never seem to cease...I can not stop singing. The earth has blessed me with song..." I felt tears run down my cheeks but I continued to sing cause that was the only thing left for me.

"....So I choose to sing through my suffering...only death can silence me. The music must be sung." I thought of my family and how me and kitoun always sung the next part together...with our father.

"The burden of honesty ours...we bare it alone in our hearts. We herd the truth in music...try to tell them all. Many still choose not to hear..even when questions made clear. Their comfort lies in silence....and our songs they fear."

I sat up and looked at the wall then my head traveled to the ground. I stared at the floor and continued. "And though our journey is long...and our sacrifices never seem to cease , we can not stop singing...The earth has blessed us with song. So we choose to sing, through our suffering...we'll be herd through harmony. The music must be sung...Even alone I must sing the song of the earth..." I finished. Well I guess that song describes me right now.

I herd some clapping. I didn't bother to look up. " have a voice of an angel." Mikado said. I shrugged.

Mikado's POV

I looked at her blankly, all she did was stare at the ground. I stepped a have a step forward until she looked up at me."Step near this cage and I swear I will kill you...that's your only warning" She said. Her eyes were blood red and her face was almost lifeless."Gaara...he likes me you know." I said. Squinted her eyes in anger."He would make an great boyfriend..." before I could finish got up an ran towards me but was stopped by the bars. She was pressed against the gate like an angry prisoner.

"Keep...your fake over-glossed lips off of him!" She growled. Her teeth was very sharp...meaning she's getting closer to her demon self. I laughed and flipped my hair behind my shoulder. I looked into her eyes and got scared. I felt a shiver in my body just looking at her cold eyes.

"Oh...don't tell me your scared. I didn't get to hurt you yet..."She said. Her tone was evil and she look murderous. I gulped and stepped back. "No...i'm leaving now..." I said jumping out.

Gaara's POV

I lied on my bed trying to figure out everything. According to Kiba and Akamaru It was Kiyo's and mikado's blood on the mikado knew something. I tried to talk to her about it but she kept flirting with me a creeped me out. I know she knows something.

I herd a distant knock on my door. I sat up and went to open the door. I saw Tamari when I opened it. "What do you want Tamari?" She stood there for a moment then she looked at me straight in the face. "Um...Gaara...I think you should give up on your search." She said under her voice.I clenched the door way and looked down. "Maybe you should just let her go...Its been weeks can't be locked in your room all day.You barley eaten at all..."

"Shut up! That's nonsense! Do you hear yourself?!You can just give up one her!" I snapped. She looked down with sadness in her eyes.Her voice was cracking slightly."

I'm sorry Gaara...but she's probably dead. I know your upset...we...we all cared about her." I couldn't believe it. I tried my best to hold back my tears.
"I'm not giving up on her...and you can't stop me from doing it..." I stepped back and closed the door.

I leaned on the door and herd her pleading to reopen the door. " have to forget about her...she wouldn't want--"

"I don't care what she wants..." I called through the door."You have to forget..." I heard her whisper.

"I can't forget...even if I tried. My whole life Has been torture and she was the best thing that I had or will ever have." Memories flashed in my eye's. Just me and her."You can't forget someone who's on your mind all the time.You can't forget the girl who's always pulled through for you but never ask for anything back.You can't forget the only living soul who understands you completely and will do anything for you. You can never erase the being who knows more about you then you do yourself. Knows when your lying,sleep,feeling,sad,upset,or hurt. No...You can never replace the most cherished thing you ever loved or the one you wanted to spend your life with.I can never forget Kiyoumie...Ever."

I walked to my window and picked up the jar that she gave to me on Christmas. It was a smaller version of my gore on my back.On the little strap it read 'Best friends'. I watch one of my tears fall on my jar. It ran down the side slowly.I missed her a lot and I hope she's okay.

"I didn't even tell her how much I--"

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